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Score for 4: A Recap

Last year, we ran a contest called “Score for 4” where we sent the winner and 3 of his/her best surf buddies on a trip south of the border. Trestles local Brian Taylor won the contest and chose Miraflores in El Salvador as his destination. Last month, Taylor, along...

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SwellWomen Rote Island Surf & Yoga Retreat

Remote Island Paradise Are you ready to step back in time? To be transported to the untouched? To the Indonesia that once was? This is Rote Island. It lies at the southernmost end of the Indonesian archipelago, and most who go report an uncanny sense of peacefulness...

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Welcome to Paradise

With non-stop flights from Los Angeles to Fiji you can find yourself in paradise before you even know it. From choice beach-front accommodations to world class waves to many other all inclusive activities like kayaks and snorkeling, there is something at Tavarua for...

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Are You Suffering From the Surf Trip Bug?

What is it about waves you’ll only find hundreds, if not thousands of miles away from home that make us all dewy-eyed? The saying tells us there’s no place like home, which suggests some romanticized connection with the place you hang your hat at the end of each day....

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A Dream Trip to Namotu Island Resort Fiji

Customer Victor Murphy was kind enough to share his experience kiteboarding in Fiji with us, and we in turn wanted to share it with you. Murphy only had to make the trip to Namotu Island Resort in Fiji once to decide it would become an annual event. He visits the...

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Swilly’s Pohnpei Discovery

We are still waiting on a swell, but we have had a lot of small fun days. Waiting for swell gave us a great chance to go and do the 6 waterfall trail

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Simon “Swilly” Williams Talks Micronesia

This is my 11th year of traveling to Micronesia. It is a really special place. Not only has it stunning landscapes but the island people are just beautiful. My journey this time started at Brisbane airport. Nauru Airlines were kind enough offer their services to me. I...

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Five Young Guns Score Surfing Village

Young rippers Seth Moniz, Kai Hing, Shane Sykes, Griffin Colapinto, and Imaikalani DeVault recently ventured to the Surfing Village in North Sumatra and put together a highlight reel. With 18+ incredible and completely different world class waves within reach these...

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Late Season Special

Summer may be over but the south swells are still churning and places like El Salvador are still giving out the goods with half as many people in the lineup. From the well known like La Libertad to the lesser known reefs and points and beachies at the east end of the...

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Playful and Perfect Teahupoo

It wasn't the biggest and baddest Teahupoo we have seen but the Billabong Pro Tahiti did not disappoint. Watching Slater prove, once again, that he is an athlete for the ages no matter the sport we were also reminded of just how damn playful and perfect modest-sized...

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Bruce and Friends in Costa

We are in the dog days of Summer and the south swells know it. It doesn't matter if you are a certifiable living legend of the surf universe or a young grom with day dreams of Pipeline pits, this is the time of the year your attention turns to Central America and...

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Red Bull’s Drone’s Eye View of ‘Mad Monday’ in Fiji

It's hard to imagine making Cloudbreak look anymore perfect than it already does but leave it to Red Bull to up the ante on Fiji's most famous left. One of the bigger swells in recent memory lit up the wave in late May with 20' sets. Taking to the air to document the...

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Nixon Surf Challenge Goes to Ireland

Other than a typical competition, the Nixon Surf Challenge emphasizes free-surfing and style in a relaxed atmosphere. In the end the riders decide themselves who receives the much sought-after trophy for the best trick and the overall winner based on Nixon’s distinct...

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Gearing Up for an Epic Finish to the Fiji Pro

After a week of lay days the competitors are back in the water gearing up for whats to be an epic finish to the Fiji Pro. A new swell was building through the day on Tuesday and everyone was back in the water getting into game mode. The last three days of the waiting...

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2016 Fiji Women’s Pro Score Fun Cloudbreak

With a clean swell in the water and 17 world-class surfers there to greet it, the 2016 Fiji Women's Pro was a memorable one. If you missed the WSL live broadcast you can enjoy some photographs of our favorite moments here. Womens Fiji Pro Opening Ceremony. - WSL /...

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