Aura Surf Resort

North Sumatra


Set amongst 15,000 sq. meters of beachfront parkland with an epic A-frame reef break right out the front. Aura Surf Resort is the only resort on the island to have a wave directly at its doorstep without any travel needed. Watch the Peak barreling from the comfort of your verandah deck chair. Set against an amazing mountainous jungle backdrop, Aura has been in operation since 2010 and is situated on a long pristine clean beach ideal for surfing and swimming.
All bungalow accommodations have direct view of the peak. ‎You are able to check the surf without leaving your bed.  Aura Surf Resort also has a small fleet of boats to explore the 60 miles of coast to spots that aren’t all named.  Aura’s chef prides himself on serving the best food on the island with a buffet style mix of western and local dishes, fresh juices, meat and seafood and plenty of healthy vegetarian meals.

Unique Accommodations


Aura Surf Resort has five traditional thatched palm Indonesian bungalows, with exteriors of local bamboo and hardwood, modernized and made comfortable with electricity, ceiling fans, comfortable beds, mosquito nets and western bathrooms.
4 of the 5 bungalows have a large private balcony, private bathrooms, and two queen sized beds.  The 5th bungalow is split into two rooms and both rooms have 2 queen sized beds with one shared bathroom in this bungalow.  All bungalows are fan cooled and have hot water. 
Beds are comfortable and are each equipped with secure mosquito nets. With very clean bathrooms in the back of the accommodation, and covered verandahs in front, you are able to chill out in a comfy chair or hammock and watch your friends get shacked at The Peak.
The main house has a dining room and bar, satellite TV and DVD.


The chef at Aura Surf Resort uses local meat and produce to produce a steady flow of traditional Indonesian dishes with Western and international options mixed in over the course of the week.

Breakfast is served from 6:00 to 10:00 AM and mixes fresh fruit, muesli, fruit juice, coconuts and coconut milk, rice and eggs. Aura provides perfect fuel for hours of surfing and exploring.

Dinner is from 6:00 to 8:30 PM and mixes vegetables, chicken, fish, eggs, fruit, rice and Indonesian specialties like mi goring, gadogado, tempe and tofu. The resort also provides unlimited fresh fruit and purified drinking water.

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Surf & Seasons

The Surf

This island off northern Sumatra is located at the top of a sub-ocean trench that is six kilometers deep and 800 miles long. Sitting so far north with the angle of the coastline positioned to catch every swell traveling in the Indian Ocean means the waves arrive to this area very clean and lined up.

This region also picks up west and north swell from seasonal winds off the coast of India and the Maldives, with an angle that lights up new spots –some of which also don’t have names.

There are still lots of places to explore, but the staple wave at Aura Surf Resort is The Peak, which is an Indonesian A-frame breaking directly in front of the camp. The Peak uncannily seldom ever seems to drop below three to four feet, and is usually a foot or two bigger. The Peak is right there in sight of your bungalow and the rest of the camp. While there are plenty of other waves in the area, The Peak is so consistent and perfect that many guests choose to go no further and only surf “out front” during the morning through the day and into the evening.
Aura Surf Resort has a small fleet of boats to explore the 60 miles of coast to spots that aren’t all named.

Surf spots in the immediate area:

Peak – directly out front of Aura Surf Resort.  Holds 2-10’+.  Barrel or steep wall from start to finish depending on tide.
K-Hole/Tea Bags – 20 minutes out the front by speed boat, 150m long epic heavy right 4 to 15ft +.   Booties recommended. A Transworld pro group scored this spot.
Dylans – Short fast 50m+  long hollow right hander, best on solid swell. 25minutes s by road south, 15 minutes s by boat
Secrets – Approximately 1 hour travel.  100+ meter long right hand barrel.  When smaller the wave breaks into 3 sections of various difficulty.  Swell magnet breaking from 2-20’
Secrets Left – Across the channel from Secrets about 5 minutes by boat.  This is a heavy deep water wave breaking up to 200 meters.

Thailands – 60 meter long right reef break.  Good when everywhere is a bit too big, Thailands will be head high.    Booties suggested. Dylans left – 45 minutes by speed boat south, 200m+ long rides, various sections, good long board wave with hollow inside section.
Tou Tous – Up to100m long left break 30 minutes north by road and 25 minutes by boat.  Sandy point, booties not required
Secret Island – absolutely epic right hand barrel, 45 minutes by boat.
There are 4 + other waves within 40 minutes travel to be assessed in more detail.
Given the prevailing conditions during your stay you easily may spot a break not ridden previously by resort guests.


Surf Patrol Boats

Ombak Bagus means “Good waves” and also the name of Aura Surf Resort’s 27-foot blue speed boat with two 100 HP Yamaha motors, new steering and navigation accessories, safety equipment, GPS, toilet, canopy and fishing rod holders. Ombak Bagus can take as many as 10 guests to good waves, at a rapid 28-30 knots.

Season and Weather:

Peak: March – September
Good: November – February


Average Shoulder high, up to Triple overhead


Offshore 90% of the time

Air/Water Temp:

Air: 75º to 90º (day) • 70º to 75º (night)
Water: +68º to 90º (Tropical)

Area Breaks:

12+ quality breaks (fun for most skill levels)


Nias Island is just below the equator and the northern tip of Sumatra is about 5° north of the equator, so these islands generally see more rainfall than Bali and the islands further southeast. Indonesia as a whole has a tropical climate and in the Northern Sumatra area in particular, there is little difference in the length of a day any time of year. Indonesia’s seasons divide in two: wet and dry.

The wet season begins in October and lasts until March, with the peak rainfall measured in January and February, when high pressure flowing south from the Asian mainland combines with humid air from the Indian Ocean to bring rain throughout the archipelago. Although the northern and western islands receive more rainfall than those areas in the south and east, it can rain at any time of year.

March/April is the beginning of dry season, when high pressure over Australia pushes air north to blanket Indonesia with warm, dry air. The dry season peaks during June through August, which is also in the heart of surf season.

Prime swell season for Indonesia is the southern hemisphere winter months from March/April through September/October when Low pressure systems off Antarctica and the Indian Ocean pulse ground swells toward the equator. Winds are also a factor to be considered. May through Aug/Sept typically sees easterly trades which are favorable for many of the main breaks. November through February generally sees northwesterly winds, which may not be favorable for the big name breaks, but there are waves that favor this northerly wind direction.

The shoulder or transition months of March/April and September/October will experience light and variable winds due to the changing of seasons. These transition months often experience glassy conditions and can be the best time to sample a larger variety of waves.

Air temperatures range between 75° and 85° all year and water temperatures are always in that same range.
If you want big surf with favorable winds, May to September is probably best.

If you want to experience some glassy conditions and get a few more rights and less people but possibly sacrifice some swell size then March/April or late Sept/Oct is probably best. If you don’t mind rain but want good surface conditions and smaller, clean surf with nobody else around: give the off-season a try, from November to February.



The coastline in both directions from Aura is lined with pristine, world-class coral reefs for diving and fishing. It is recommend that guests bring their own gear, because this is serious fishing and diving.

Aura is close to a town that has Internet and Wi-Fi access Motorbike and car rental is available for those who want to explore the island: walk through abundant rice fields, visit local villages, do some shopping, swim under waterfalls and walk through rainforests.

  • Diving
  • Spearfishing
  • Game fishing
  • Ping Pong
  • Shopping at local villages
  • Trekking
  • Board games
  • Local 9-hole golf course

” You made our trip so much better! We would have been lost without ya’ll! Mmmm… good food. Good people. Good waves. Love this place! It will always be in my heart and soul.”
– JC

Special Offers


Book a trip to Two Brothers Surf Resort for a 7 night stay and receive a discounted rate of $1,200.00 per person. Book as a group or as a single traveler. Deposit must be paid before August 1st, 2020. Valid for travel through the 2020 season and for new bookings only.


2024 Rates

Package Includes:

One very convenient aspect of travel to Aura Surf Resort is that there is no set schedule. Flights from Medan operate every day. We have a 5 night minimum booking requirement. Rooms can be configured as Twin, Triples or Quad Occupancy.

  • Fan cooled accommodations
  • 3 meals per day
  • filtered water
  • unlimited fruit
  • round trip airport transfers
  • purified water
  • 1 Daily local overland surf transfer within 30 minutes
  • tax

Not Included:

  • Additional Surf Transfers per day
  • boat transfers
  • beverages other than water, tea or coffee
  • airfare
  • gratuity

Boat Trips:

*All boat trips require a minimum of 2 guests when traveling.

Blue Speed Boat “Ombak Bagus”

  • Zone #1 (K-Hole / Dylans / Dylans Left / Mincau) – $55 per head
  • Zone #2 (Secrets / North & South) – $85 per head
  • Full day usage / Zone 3 (Farther North , & South – small islands) / Zone 1 & 2 – $110 per head

Motor Bike Hire:

  • Full day – $12.00

Bikes are subject to availability. Bikes can be pre-booked for the duration of your stay, please enquire with one of our bookings staff for more information

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