Hotel Miraflores

El Salvador


Positioned on the hillside just south of the point at Las Flores, Miraflores Surf Lodge has a spectacular view of the surf, beach, ocean and coastline to the south towards the town of El Cuco. The simple accommodations here provide a place to unwind from the demands of life back home.

Unique Accommodations


The vibe of the property is relaxed and comfortable with several world-class waves in the immediate area.

Each of the 6 rooms has comfortable beds and is designed to accommodate 2-3 guests per room.

The large covered hexagonal common dining area is kept cool by the shade and land or sea breezes. Relax and enjoy the tropical weather in one of the hammocks while reading a book or enjoying an ice-cold beer by the pool day or night.

Surf & Seasons

The Surf

Las Flores:

This is an incredible wave breaking on a picturesque point lined with palm trees. The wave starts in front of the rocky outcrop at the tip of the point with a fast hollow section as the bottom changes from rock to sand. The wave then bends through the sand bottomed inside keeping an open face and offering more barrel sections. It’s a fun wave for medium to experienced surfers. Tides play an important role at this wave and some currents can be found.


Punta Mango:

Also known as Punta Silla, this is a fast hollow wave breaking down a cobblestone point surrounded by beautiful mountains, a tube addict’s paradise. Seldom will you see a local here other than your surf guide. Get ready for a lot of speed and some unforgettable tubes. Punta Mango is the east coast’s version of the perfect wave.

La Ventana:

Pure fun in the 2 to 5 foot swell range, La Ventana is a nice beach break for the smaller days. At La Ventana Beach the mountains meet the ocean taking the shape of a giant window making this beach a special spot to rip some waves.

There are more right points for you to discover in the east coast, such as La Vaca, El Toro, and others. Come along and see them for yourself.


El Salvador has two seasons, dry and wet.

The dry season of November through April/May typically sees offshore winds, sunny skies and consistent surf in the chest to head high range.

Although less frequent than during the wet season, large swells do roll through this time of year and it is not unheard of to get overhead waves by late February.

The wet season months of May/June through October see the largest and most consistent swells with average wave height in the head high+ range, with the larger 8’-12’ swells coming through consistently. The weather patterns during this time of year typically have glassy mornings with a light onshore flow starting in the late morning to early afternoon.

Although these months can receive a lot of rain, rain showers usually start in the late afternoon, often raining through the night. Mornings and early afternoons often have sunny skies and perfect peeling surf.

El Salvador is a year round surf destination with water temps in the low 80’s and air temperatures in the mid to high 80’s year round. Do not be discouraged by the rainy season with its afternoon onshore flow of wind. El Salvador has miles of coastline riddled with right points and beach break. The points are so good, that even with a little wind they still break cleaner than most beach or reef breaks around the world.


A variety of activates are available other then surfing, most require an additional fee for participation.

  • Trip to a volcano
  • City Tour through San Salvador
  • Tour the San Andres Mayan Temple
  • Tour a coffee plantation
  • Zip Line through the jungle canopy
  • Fishing

” You made our trip so much better! We would have been lost without ya’ll! Mmmm… good food. Good people. Good waves. Love this place! It will always be in my heart and soul.”
– JC


2024 Rates

Miraflores Premium Package – 4 Nights

4 Nights accommodation with A/C at Miraflores Surf Lodge. Breakfast, lunch, dinner & nonalcoholic beverages. 1 massage per person, daily boat trip to secluded breaks, & 1 group airport pick up/drop off included.

Miraflores Standard Package – 4 Nights

4 Nights accommodation with A/C at Miraflores Surf Lodge. Breakfast and 1 group airport pick up/drop off included.

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