Nemberala Beach Resort

Rote, Indonesia


On the southwest face of Rote, the Nemberala Beach Resort is offering thoroughly modern tropical accommodation with access to a half dozen, top-quality classic Indonesian reef breaks.

The five-acre beachfront property is located directly in front of the main break, providing all rooms a view of the Indian Ocean. From the bar and restaurant, you will have a view of the 300+ yard long left reef/point which lies 500 yards off shore. The large open-air restaurant makes the most of the tropical weather while the bar provides beautiful views of the beach and surf in addition to being close enough to the pool area for convenient poolside service. Oversized cushions on the lounge furniture are the perfect place to relax after a long surf session.

Nemberala Beach Resort spa & massage facility can accommodate individuals or couples and is equipped with its own garden bathroom complete with hot water shower and oversized showerhead. A bungalow specifically for games is home to the ping pong table, dart board, full size pool table and other activities.

Although it is desired for guests to detach themselves for the demands of business, communications are available by both telephone and low speed Wi-Fi capabilities while most guests who have an international calling plan are able to utilize their personal cell phones. The main business office for the resort does have internet access available by desktop computer.

Surfboard storage is available close to the beachside entrance allowing you to keep your room clear and boards handy for the next session. For those who would prefer the convenience of traveling without surfboards, Nemberala Beach Resort has a large quiver of beautiful boards from which to choose.

Three resort boats are available for surf transfers, fishing or island hopping.

If there is anything you feel may make your stay more comfortable or enjoyable please let management know and they will do their best to accommodate your request.

Unique Accommodations


The 4 large duplex bungalows feature private and spacious outdoor bathrooms and individual porches. All bungalows are built with locally quarried stone, exposed regional hardwoods and traditional Rotenese alang roofs. The bungalows are duplex units that can be joined by an interior door to accommodate families or groups of friends traveling together.

Rooms can be arranged with either a king or twin beds, and by specific request children or triple occupancy may be accommodated. Cooled by large ceiling fans and natural land or sea breezes, each unit is furnished with bed-side tables, lamps, large free standing closet, seating and luggage stand. Each unit has a large elevated black water tank that is warmed by the sun and power is 240v with standard Indonesian two prong round pin wall sockets. Nemberala Beach Resort provides both bath and beach towels for your convenience along with daily maid services.

Surf & Seasons

The Surf

Nemberala Left is the main break fronting the resort and the premier wave in this region of Indonesia.  The break is also known as T-Land by some given its similarities to the  famous wave on Java G-Land.  Nemberala is definitely a softer and more “user friendly” wave then its namesake. The point like reef is approximately 400+ yards long and broken into four separate possible take off zones; from top to bottom: The Point, The Steeple, Magic Mountain and Inner-tubes. Nemberala is a “wave magnet” focusing all swells of a southerly direction and takes the predominant trade wind as off-shore.  This wave can also be very good both early and late season when the winds are more light and variable in nature.  The reef is non-threatening and the wave is not tide dependent, often better at low tide then high.

The Bommie is a section of reef on the north side of the large Nemberala channel.  Although the Bommie is a Right/Left peak, the left is seldom surfed as it is not as organized as the right which ends in a deep water channel.  The Bommie is a – lower the tide, the better the wave.  The bigger the swell the more tide the wave can handle.

Boa is typically accessed by 10 minute overland transfer from Nemberala Beach Resort, but can also be accessed by boat with a slightly longer transfer time.  This is often a heavier and more advanced wave then others in the area, best at mid tide.  The wave starts with a steep often hollow top section which often opens up to a thick down the line wall section.  Boa can handle a light trade but is typically best with light winds, very early morning, or during the shoulder and off season months.

Suckies, or Sucky Mamas is 10 minute boat ride north of Nemberala. It gets its name from the village on the beach with a similar sounding name.  Suckies is an often very hollow right hander, but on a higher tide it can be a fatter, steep wave.  Suckies is a shorter wave of approximately 50 yards in length and it is best at mid tide. Suckies will take the standard trade as off or side-off shore.

Do’o is not a tribute to Homer Simpson, although it is a sound you might make it if you blow it and end up dry-docked on the reef with a set coming. Do’o is the tail section of reef off a nearby island of the same name.  This is a fickle wave typically best during the offseason or shoulder season months as the standard Nemberala trade blows on-shore.  The reef is particularly shallow and sharp making this a high tide advanced skill level wave.

These are the waves typically accessed from Nemberala Beach Resort. However, depending on the tide, swell, wind and your desire to surf something different; there are other potential waves in the area.

Season and Weather:

Peak: March – September
Good: November – February


Average Shoulder high, up to Triple overhead


Offshore 90% of the time

Air/Water Temp:

Air: 75º to 90º (day) • 70º to 75º (night)
Water: +68º to 90º (Tropical)

Area Breaks:

12+ quality breaks (fun for most skill levels)


Indonesia’s dry season corresponds with the south swell season months of April through mid-October. The wet season and the bulk of rainfall happens from November through February/March. However, with Indonesia running over 4000 miles north to south and crossing the equator, the many islands of Indonesia experience different climatic zones and various amounts of annual rainfall. Rote and the southern most area of Indonesia is the most arid region of all Indonesia. It is not unusual for there to be no rain for many months through the dry season, with the majority of rain falling in short periods of heavy rainfall during the wet season. This area can also be a few degrees cooler than other areas of Indonesia with air and water temperatures dropping as low as the mid 75-77 degrees June through August.

May through mid-September typically experiences ESE trade winds that can be strong at certain times. This wind direction is a favorable offshore direction at Nemberala and some of the other main breaks on Rote and the neighboring islands. The early and late season months of March/April and mid-September through October experience a more light and variable wind pattern, with wind possible from almost any direction you can expect some glassy days.

Similar to the rest of Indonesia, Nemberala, Rote and the surrounding Islands pick-up all the South to Southwest swells tracking across Antarctica moving from below South Africa towards Southwest Australia. Although there can be swell year round the season is typically thought of as March to November with the largest swells usually hitting from May through September/October.


On/off site activities include:

  • Village tours
  • Bike Rides
  • Reef Fishing
  • Snorkeling
  • Island Hopping
  • Volleyball
  • Bocce Ball

” You made our trip so much better! We would have been lost without ya’ll! Mmmm… good food. Good people. Good waves. Love this place! It will always be in my heart and soul.”
– JC


2024 Rates

Package Includes:

  • Air Conditioned Cooled Accommodations
  • Full use of resort facilities & equipment.
  • Four meals per day.
  • Tea
  • Coffee
  • Water
  • Surf transfers to all breaks within local area – 25 minutes by boat or vehicle

Surf Transfers – Fishing & Island Excursions

The resort currently has 3 boat available for surf transfers, fishing and island excursions. Surf transfers to all local breaks by boat or vehicle are included in “Surfer” rate. Non surfers will be allowed to travel with surfers on a space available basis. The boats main priority is for surfing, but can be utilized for island excursions and fishing.
Island hiking and snorkeling excursions by boat will be scheduled when available. Fishing trips will be charged $60 per hour fuel charge for the boat, not per person.

Getting There

Nemberala Beach Resort’s remoteness is part of what makes it such a special place, but unfortunately mandates some logistics for travel and transfers. Standard packages will begin in Bali and include round trip air travel between Bali and W. Timor,  a short flight from W. Timor to Rote, and a one hour private transfer across Rote to NBR.  When you return back to Bali, you will take the fast ferry from Rote to W. Timor which will allow you to connect with the flight back to Bali on the same day.  There are times when you may need to overnight in Kupang. Approximate additional travel cost break down as follows:

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Discover Waterways