Surfing Village

North Sumatra


The Surfing Village is located in the Telo Islands, but the journey there begins in Padang. Upon arrival in Padang, guests are taken by the guide/translator to a local hotel, where they can relax from their flight for a few hours, have a cold beer, eat, walk through Padang’s historical center or just kick back and watch some TV. Please note that any personal costs in Padang are not included in the package except for transport.

The charter boat, Indo II, will make the overnight crossing from Padang to the Telo Islands with all Surfing Village guests onboard. The Indo II has an air-conditioned main cabin with 12 beds, and another small private cabin for couples, as well as a lounge and an open area for those guests wanting to enjoy the night at sea, downing a cold beer and getting prepared for arrival. The boat departs from Padang at approximately 6:00pm; allowing guests on all flights sufficient time to arrive and prepare for the overnight crossing, arriving at the Surfing Village accommodations just in time for some breakfast and a morning surf session.

The boat has a very experienced local crew, and is decked out with all the necessary safety equipment including; Radio, GPS, Satellite Phone, Life jackets, life raft, flares, floats, bibles, etc…

Once you arrive to surf some of the best and least crowded waves in the Indonesian archipelago you can unpack your quiver. With such a wide variety of surf, from the fish to the gun, longboard, retro twin fin, high performance thruster, you will surely find a wave for it.


The Surfing Village is made up of four spacious bungalows, each refrigerated by the natural air conditioner of the sea breeze and the shade of the coconut jungle. Each bungalow can accommodate up to 3 guests and the rooms are laid out in a way that all the beds have a full view of the barrels of Pasti, Lobang and Nagadens, the lefts of Kiri and the swells that hit Bagas and Mibis.

Built with local wood and materials, the bungalows are two stories high. On the first floor is the board room, sheltered hang out area, outside deck and two private bedrooms with King size beds, that comfortably house two couples. These beds are equipped with white cotton sheets, special mosquito nets, individual fans and bamboo blinds for extra privacy.

The second floor is an open loft with a 360 degree view, housing one King size bed, with cotton sheets and special mosquito net situated beneath a large ceiling fan.

All four bungalows have a private, western style outside toilet with a flush system and a separate bathroom with running tap water as well as a hot and cold water shower.

Surfing Village Headquarters

The Surfing Village headquarters is where guests spend most of their “dry” time. With eco-friendly construction, using only local materials and laborers, it has three floors, plus the ground area. The ground area is home to a 9 x 9 foot billiard table that makes for some very competitive pool tournaments.

The first floor is 46 x 46 feet and is where everyone meets to have their breakfast, check the swell forecast, the tide charts and find out which waves will be better in the days conditions. It’s also here where guests drink their icy cold Bintangs and enjoy the banquets of the Surfing Village Chef.

Also on the first floor is an open plan kitchen, where the guests can monitor all the care of the chef and his crew, observing the hygiene and cleanliness used in the food preparation.

Surfing Village also has a few different common areas for socialization, reading, playing games, or just relaxing. The hammock area, completely surrounded by a potent audio system allows guests to control the music selection, connecting straight to their I-pod, laptop, etc…

The second floor has 32 x 32 feet of open space for yoga, stretching and relaxing while the third floor is a TV room.

With a spectacular 360-degree view of the Surfing Village and the surrounding waves, you can relax after eating, watch a movie or a surf video, all the while keeping one eye on the pumping sets of Pasti and Naga’s. Surfers Village offers a wide collection of movies and surf videos in addition to satellite TV with channels such as: CNN, HBO 1, 2 and 3, Cinemax, Discovery, National Geographic, ESPN, MTV, Fashion TV etc…

Surf & Seasons

The Surf

18+ incredible and completely different world class waves within reach and 3 of them located on the doorstep of the Surfing Village, (Pasti, Lobang and Nagadens).

Surfing Village is one of the best kept secrets in Indonesia. 12 waves are less than a twenty-minute boat trip away with only Jauh, Facas and Shhh being a little more than an hour away. There is also the possibility and potential for new surf spots still to be discovered.

Pasti Fast and powerful right hander, 3 tube sections, with its ripabble days. Level: Beginners – Intermediate – Experienced

Nagadens Barreling right hander. Short and thick. Indicates when Pasti will pump. Level: Beginners – Intermediate – Experienced

Ibua Big, heavy and suicidal right hander. Level: Experienced – Kamikaze

Kiri Sinister left hander. FSH. Fast, Shallow and Hollow. Located on the opposite tip of Plankton Bay. Level: Experienced – Kamikaze

Baga Island in front of the Surfing Village. Ripabble left hander, long and powerful, with barreling sections. Holds waves as big as the ocean throws. Level: Beginners – Intermediate – Experienced – Big Rider

Mibis Long barreling left. On the right tide it is one connecting barrel all the way down the line. A mix of desert Point and G-Land. Level: Beginners – Intermediate – Experienced.

Bilakan Long and shreddable right hander that works on any swell. Located behind Baga’s island. Level: Beginners – Intermediate – Experienced

Lado-Lado Right and left barreling A- frame with Hawaiian weight and style. Level: Beginners – Intermediate – Experienced – Big Rider

Bahaia Hair Raising Left. Fast and hollow. The area’s Teahupoo. Level: Experienced – Kamikaze

Rahasia Fantastically fun left with amazing back door barrels. Level: Beginners – Intermediate – Experienced

Cewek’s Peak wave opening long and easy walls to both sides inside a protected bay. Ideal spot to learn to surf. Level: Beginners – Intermediate – Long Board

Rokok’s Right and Left breaking in the middle of the neighboring bay, in front of a small rock island. Level: Intermediate – Experienced – Big Rider

Tangguh Big and powerful right hander, the first of 3 rights on the coast of Tantras. Level: Beginners – Intermediate – Experienced – Big Rider

Tantang Fast, shallow and hollow right hander, less consistent, but the most challenging. Level: Experienced – Tube Rider

Tantra Right hander with the first section barreling, then opening up to a ripabble wall with another barreling section toward the end. Level: Beginners – Intermediate – Experienced – Long Board

Jauh Long and ripabble left hander, with good barrel sections, set in a paradise bay, fast and hollow. Level: Beginners – Intermediate – Experienced

Facas Very shallow, fast and hollow left, with amazing barrels. Only for the experienced surfer. Level: Experienced – Tube Rider

Shhhhhh Very heavy right hander that only works on big swells. Level: Experienced


Nias Island is just below the equator and the northern tip of Sumatra is about 5° north of the equator, so these islands generally see more rainfall than Bali and the islands further southeast. Indonesia as a whole has a tropical climate and in the Northern Sumatra area in particular, there is little difference in the length of a day any time of year. Indonesia’s seasons divide in two: wet and dry.

The wet season begins in October and lasts until March, with the peak rainfall measured in January and February, when high pressure flowing south from the Asian mainland combines with humid air from the Indian Ocean to bring rain throughout the archipelago. Although the northern and western islands receive more rainfall than those areas in the south and east, it can rain at any time of year.

March/April is the beginning of dry season, when high pressure over Australia pushes air north to blanket Indonesia with warm, dry air. The dry season peaks during June through August, which is also in the heart of surf season.

Prime swell season for Indonesia is the southern hemisphere winter months from March/April through September/October when Low pressure systems off Antarctica and the Indian Ocean pulse ground swells toward the equator.

Winds are also a factor to be considered. May through Aug/Sept typically sees easterly trades which are favorable for many of the main breaks. November through February generally sees northwesterly winds, which may not be favorable for the big name breaks, but there are waves that favor this northerly wind direction.

The shoulder or transition months of March/April and September/October will experience light and variable winds due to the changing of seasons. These transition months often experience glassy conditions and can be the best time to sample a larger variety of waves.

Air temperatures range between 75° and 85° all year and water temperatures are always in that same range.

If you want big surf with favorable winds, May to September is probably best. If you want to experience some glassy conditions and get a few more rights and less people but possibly sacrifice some swell size then March/April or late Sept/Oct is probably best. If you don’t mind rain but want good surface conditions and smaller, clean surf with nobody else around: give the off-season a try, from November to February.


For the most part the Surfing Village is all about eat, sleep, surf. However, the snorkeling and diving in this part of Indonesia are as world-class as the surfing, and that goes for the fishing too – game fish out at sea, and crayfish within the lagoon. Enjoy both island hopping and cultural visits to the local village. Competitive darts and billiards and beer drinking can be popular in addition to napping, if that lack of activity counts as an activity.

Scenic Day Trips Include:

  • Snorkeling
  • Cultural visits to village
  • Fishing
  • Snorkeling

On/Off Site Activities Include:

  • Napping
  • Swimming in the lagoon
  • Drinking
  • Napping
  • Darts
  • Billiards

” You made our trip so much better! We would have been lost without ya’ll! Mmmm… good food. Good people. Good waves. Love this place! It will always be in my heart and soul.”
– JC


2024 Rates

Packages Include:

  • Transfer in Padang from airport to harbor
  • Guide/translator in Padang
  • Overnight Transport Padang – Surfing Village – Padang
  • Accommodation in original bungalow with panoramic view of the waves and surrounding nature, hot and cold showers, western sink and toilet.
  • 3 substantial and delicious meals a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Mineral water, coffee and tea
  • Daily boat trip to surf the best waves, depending on wind, swell and tides
  • Use of all installations, TV, DVD, home theater, movie collection, billiard table, darts, free diving equipment (masks, snorkels, fins and spear gun), fishing equipment.

Services for Your Ultimate Comfort and Security

  • Wi-Fi Internet available in all areas, including all rooms (extra charges apply)
  • Laundry Service (extra charges apply)
  • Central safe, to keep all your money, credit cards, and documents well protected.
  • Free Diving gear (masks, snorkels, fins, spear guns)
  • Fishing equipment
  • Photos and Videos of your trip – (extra charges apply)

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