Thoroughly modern tropical lodging with access to a half dozen, top-quality reefs.

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Cinnamon Dhonveli Maldives

Chaaya Island Dhonveli is a not a surf resort, it’s a four-star resort that caters to surfers because it happens to have a perfect left wrapping around one side

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Kandui Villas

Whether you choose to surf the world’s best waves, engage in any number of activities or just relax and enjoy yourself, Kandui Villas will not disappoint.

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Namotu Island Resort

World class for surfing, diving, sailboarding, kite surfing, fishing and standup paddle boarding.

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Tavarua, Fiji

The Mother of all world-class surf resorts, Tavarua should be experienced at least once by anyone who loves the ocean.

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Beran Island

Luxury accommodations in one of the most isolated and pristine locations on the planet. This 45 acre private island is central to all the surf in the area, and thousands of miles away from the nearest crowd.

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DR Surf Tours

The rugged Northern coastline of the Dominican Republic offers 300 miles of exposure to North Atlantic swells. Fringed with reefs, rivermouths, bays and craggy headlands, the little known area of 'Amber Coast' has more waves than surfers to ride them.

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PNG Explorer

Come aboard PNG Explorer for one of the worlds great surf adventures. Dual tenders, jet ski, twin cabins, on board photographer, chef and NO CROWDS thanks to the SAPNG Surf Management Plan.

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Salani Surf Resort

Salani Surf Resort is for travelers looking to experience the best of Samoa’s surf, heartwarming culture, tropical weather and natural beauty.

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