Casa De Mar Hotel

El Salvador


Casa de Mar Hotel, is located directly in front of the break at El Sunzal, about a 30-minute drive southwest from San Salvador Airport. This amazing property has 23 beautiful rooms nestled between Sunzal Point and the tropical hillside

Unique Accommodations


One of the nicest places to stay in the entire country, all rooms at Casa de Mar are suites. Each suite has its own individual charm and unique personality. Appointed with two queen size beds and a convertible sofa-bed for triple occupancy, each suite is also furnished with air-conditioning, hot water, dining area, living area, en-suite bathroom and a wooden deck.

Casa de Mar is a non-smoking hotel; smoking is only permitted outside the rooms in open areas. Surfboards are not permitted in the rooms, they must be placed on the surf racks available in the hotel with 24hr security.

Restaurant Café Sunzal is located on top of a rocky cliff with an impressive view of the Pacific Ocean just a few meters from Casa de Mar. At Café Sunzal all dishes are prepared with freshest seafood and seasonable products available in the local markets. Some of the specialties are Caribbean-style shrimp, fish fillet with a caper sauce, steak with a rosemary cream sauce, all dishes can be accompanied with some of the best available wines in the country. The international menu offers a variety of seafood and meat dishes that cater to culinary tastes for both the locals and foreign tourists. A construction and design featuring a mixture of Mediterranean and Santa Fe styles, with warm colors and open spaces produce a very special atmosphere

Surf & Seasons

The Surf

Punta Roca

One of the best right points in the world, breaking on a rocky bottom it gets hollow all the way through, giving you the chance to get really long barrels, and to feel the power and speed at its best. Look out for some big boulders in the outside section. You will usually find more surfers in the line up here, but this is a wave that you will never forget.


Conchalio is a powerful beach break for tube rides. The shallow sand bottom makes this wave very hollow. Best from 5 to 7 feet.


This is the longest ride around; along with Punta Roca the Sunzal point can hold the biggest swells in the La Libertad area. The ride is about 200meters long, it is a fun, hot dog wave for beginners to advanced surfers. This is a longboard type of wave, with steeper sections on the take off zone and the inside.

El Zonte

Another right point, breaks very good on an 3 to 7 feet swell range its a fun performance wave with a few barrel section, it is guarded by mountains and an impressive cliff. You can also find a left wave in the other side of the point at a river mouth near by. This left wave is not a long ride but it breaks nice and clean on the right day.

K59 and K61

Both right points, with rocky bottom and some barreling sections especially good on 5 feet + swells.

La Bocana

The river mouth of Rio Grande, La Bocana breaks as an A-frame peak about 100 yds south of Sunzal Point. The left has a fast very steep and powerful takeoff with barrels on the inside section when it gets shallow near the rocks. There is some localism at this spot since it’s the only consistent left in the country.

The right is also very powerful and not surfed as consistently.


Uncrowded surf is the name of the game at Mizata. There are three places you can surf in this area, the Point, the Beach Break and the Slab. The Point is a right point break, with an intense take off and a lot of speed down the line, sometimes even allows you to get short but intense lefts. It is the longest wave in Mizata and breaks in front of a river month. The beach break has a couple take off zones; Boulder, Antenna and Don Miguel, varying from hollow to mellower surfing. The Slab is the most challenging and most rewarding wave in Mizata, working best at 5-8ft. This is an experienced surfer spot.


El Salvador has two seasons, dry and wet.

The dry season of November through April/May typically sees offshore winds, sunny skies and consistent surf in the chest to head high range.

Although less frequent than during the wet season, large swells do roll through this time of year and it is not unheard of to get overhead waves by late February.

The wet season months of May/June through October see the largest and most consistent swells with average wave height in the head high+ range, with the larger 8’-12’ swells coming through consistently. The weather patterns during this time of year typically have glassy mornings with a light onshore flow starting in the late morning to early afternoon.

Although these months can receive a lot of rain, rain showers usually start in the late afternoon, often raining through the night. Mornings and early afternoons often have sunny skies and perfect peeling surf.

El Salvador is a year round surf destination with water temps in the low 80’s and air temperatures in the mid to high 80’s year round. Do not be discouraged by the rainy season with its afternoon onshore flow of wind. El Salvador has miles of coastline riddled with right points and beach break. The points are so good, that even with a little wind they still break cleaner than most beach or reef breaks around the world.


  • Trip to a volcano
  • City Tour through San Salvador
  • Tour the San Andres Mayan Temple
  • Tour a coffee plantation
  • Zip Line through the jungle canopy
  • Fishing
  • City nightlife

” You made our trip so much better! We would have been lost without ya’ll! Mmmm… good food. Good people. Good waves. Love this place! It will always be in my heart and soul.”
– JC


2024 Rates

Casa de Mar Premium Package – 4 Nights / 5 Days (Guided)

4 nights/5 days accommodation with A/C at Casa De Mar (4 star resort). 5 full day surf tours (mornings and afternoons approx 5 hours each) in private vehicle for each group with a bilingual surf guide, breakfast, 1 group round trip airport transfer, and 1 sight-seeing tour to Mayan temples or city tour included.


Casa de Mar / Los Mangos Premium Package – 2 Nights West / 2 Nights East

2 nights accommodation with A/C at Casa De Mar with breakfast and 3 full day surf tours in private vehicle for each group with a bilingual surf guide (mornings and afternoons approx. 5 hours each). 2 nights accommodation with A/C at Los Mangos Hotel, OCEAN VIEW SUITE in front of Punta Mango with Breakfast, lunch, dinner & non alcoholic beverages (soda, water, coffee and natural fresh drinks); surf guide service with daily morning and afternoon surf trip to surrounding breaks, transfers between properties & 1 group round trip airport transfer included.

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