Surf Trip Destination in Maldives

Cinnamon Dhonveli Maldives

Cinnamon Dhonveli Maldives is a not a surf resort, it’s a four-star resort that caters to surfers because it happens to have a perfect left wrapping around one side.



Cinnamon Dhonveli Maldives (formerly Chaaya Dhonveli Resort) is located on the islet of Kanu Huraa. This luxury resort is popular with European snowbirds, honeymooners, SCUBA divers and fishermen as one of the premier locations in the Maldives.

Cinnamon Dhonveli is a not a surf resort, it’s a four-star resort that accommodates surfers because it has a perfect left break peeling down the fringe reef and into a deep channel.

Although the resort can accommodate up to 250 guests, the total number of surfers is limited to 30. Surfing guests have exclusive access to Pasta Point, the left reef that breaks directly in front of the bar and restaurant.

Cinnamon Dhonveli is a 30-minute transfer by speed boat from the airport in Male. The resort has a small armada of modern and traditional dhoni style boats for surf, dive, fishing and island hopping trips; the surf boats are on hand at all times for the 30 surfing guests.

The resort offers all the services and facilities you would expect from an upscale resort including the option of spectacular over water bungalows, massage & spa, tennis, huge pool, white sand beach, diving, fine dining, island hopping, fishing and modern communications.



The island was expanded in size, all existing rooms upgraded; new rooms developed including beach and over water bungalows as well as over-water suites, along with a new restaurant, reception and spa facilities -the end result being a luxurious island oasis.

With the base package, surfing guests and their companions stay in the Garden Bungalows and guests have the option of upgrading their package to any style of accommodation.

The Point Bar/Restaurant or “Raalhu” is a bar and restaurant with an A la Carte menu. Raalhu adjoins the cascading waves of the internationally famed surf point “The Pasta Point”.

Dhonveli limits the surfing guests to 30 but the resort facilities are available to all guests and their families, and include sumptuous dining, wine tasting, 3 full-service bars, swimming pool, swimming beach, tennis court, Wi-Fi Internet access, PADI dive center and full spa facilities.

WaterWays guests can choose from the Garden Bungalow, Beach Bungalow ,Water Bungalows or Overwater Suites.

Garden Bungalows

Two-story, air-conditioned bungalows built in a duplex fashion with each building containing two units. The lower level of each unit has a living room and separate reading areas with desk and small patio. The built in sofa (day bed) in the living area doubles as a single bed. Upstairs is a large open loft with king bed and large windows looking out toward the point. The large tiled bathroom downstairs has hot/cold running water.

Upstairs on the mezzanine level, the main bedroom is stylishly furnished with king-sized bed, white linen sheets, natural timber finishes and tropical decor. Downstairs, facilities include fridge, mini-bar, tea/coffee making, and plenty of space for luggage.

Beach Bungalows

These air-conditioned rooms, built on the beachfront, face the white sand beach and the crystalline waters that hug its shores. They offer two separate rooms in a single story structure that is charming, personal and romantic.

Each bungalow has a separate entrance onto the white sand beach in front and a private landscaped courtyard.

Inside, the bungalows are stylishly furnished with king-sized bed, white linen sheets, natural timber finishes and tropical decor. Guests enjoy the private, open-air bath and shower outside, as well as the convenience of a spacious, modern bathroom inside, fully tiled, and equipped with separate shower recess, hand basin, WC and bidet.

Water Bungalows

Offering magnificent views of surf and Indian Ocean, located off the southwest side of the island, the Water Bungalows present a sense of timelessness and peace. All the bungalows are air-conditioned and feature a King sized Bed, Day Bed, Dressing Table, Wardrobe, Jacuzzi tub, private deck, Mini-Bar, Satellite Television and IDD Telephone facilities.

A timber walkway links the bungalows to the main island, and a short stroll will take you to the surf and the Roalhu Bar overlooking Pasta Point.

The thatched-roof, timber bungalows are built over the lagoon, with crystal clear water underneath. Each bungalow has a private balcony, where you can enjoy cool sea breezes and uninterrupted ocean views.

Inside, the spacious bedroom and lounge area is stylishly furnished with king-sized bed, white linen sheets, natural timber finishes and the colors of the sea itself. Water Bungalows are air conditioned, and fully equipped with dressing table, mini-bar, tea/coffee making, satellite television and IDD telephone.

The fully tiled bathrooms feature Jacuzzi, separate shower, bidet and double hand basin. For a refreshing open-air bathing experience, just step down your own private staircase to the lagoon and enjoy a dip or a snorkel with the reef fishes.

Over Water Suites

A visit from a Manta Ray at dawn or a family of dolphins spinning not far from the private terrace are just some of the perks of staying in an Over Water Suite. Located on the Northwest side of the island these inviting suites are furnished as spacious living spaces with a King Bed, a Dressing Table, a Wardrobe, a Jacuzzi tub, a Mini-bar, Satellite Television, Private deck with loungers and IDD Telephone facilities.



Pasta Point is a long, high-performance, occasionally barreling lefthander wrapping around a coral reef directly in front of the resort bar. This wave winds along the reef for 150 yards and works on all tides.

A short five-minute boat ride across the channel, the island of Thaburundhoo is a scene out of tropical surf dreams: small, uninhabited and with a left wrapping around one end and a right around the other. The right is Sultans and the left is Honky’s.

Located on the other side of Thanburudhoo is Jailbreaks, a fast 200 meter + barreling world class right which breaks along a coral reef in front of a maximum security prison.


All the breaks work through a full tide cycle from high to low but are generally best at mid tide and most user friendly at high tide.

It is important to remember that from Cinnamon Dhonveli you have exclusive access to arguably the best wave in the Maldives, Pasta Point. Prime surf access combined with the surfer capacity enforcement on the island makes it possible to avoid surfing with a crowd!

Seasons & Weather

Seasons & Weather

The Maldives in the middle of the Indian Ocean is known as the flattest country in the world. The highest point in all of the Maldives is less than 10 feet above sea level. That unique geography makes the Maldives wide open to wind, weather and swell.

The Maldives have two seasons based on the monsoons that form over Asia: From November to April is Northwest monsoon season when hot dry air flows toward the equator and over the Maldives. The clear skies from November to April attract snowbirds from all over Europe and the world. This is prime tourist season for the Maldives but not prime surf season.

In April and May at the start of the northern hemisphere summer, Low pressure areas attract cool moist winds flowing from the Indian Ocean in the southwest across the Maldives. The southwest monsoon lasts from May to October, which is also prime surf season as southern hemisphere winter Low pressure systems off Antarctica spray long energy bands NW across the Indian Ocean.

As the Maldives straddle the equator the effects of the Monsoon Seasons are minimized. Rain and wind squalls pass through mainly June through August. Air temperatures are in the 80s and 90s while the water temperature is in the 80s year-around.

To sum it all up, the surf in the Maldives is best from late February through October, with the biggest months, June, July and August often getting rain from the wet winds of the southwest monsoon.



Before the Maldives were famous as a surf destination, they were world famous as a dive destination. If you aren’t SCUBA certified, this is the place to do it. If you are SCUBA certified, this is the place to do it.

Other amenities include a yoga pavilion, swimming pool, a child-safe lagoon and white sand swimming beach, over-water fully equipped gymnasium, snorkeling and fishing gear, a library/television/internet area, extensive DVD and CD library and fishing, and island hopping excursions.

Getting a lot of exercise, eating right, getting some sun and feeling a lot better are all part of the package.

And while drugs are illegal in the Maldives and alcohol is controlled, karaoke is sometimes permitted, if you must.

On/off site activities include:

  • Yoga
  • Swimming Pools
  • Gym
  • Snorkeling
  • Fishing
  • Library
  • Internet
  • Island hopping excursions


Package Includes:

  • 7 Nights Cinnamon Dhonveli Maldives, Shared Accommodations
  • 3 Meals Daily with unlimited drinking water and soft drinks with meals only
  • Unlimited Surf Transfers by Boat – Surfer Only
  • Exclusive access to Pasta Point – Surfer Only
  • Round Trip Airport Transfers
  • Hotel & GST Taxes

2020 RATES (USD)

Garden Bungalow

Garden Bungalow 7 Nights Extra Night
Single Surfer $ 5,020 $ 653
Non Surfer $ 3,465 $ 437
Twin Surfer $ 3,598 $ 455
Non Surfer $ 2,403 $ 290
Triple Surfer $ 3,362 $ 422
Non Surfer $ 2,225 $ 265



Garden Bungalow 7 Nights Extra Night
Infant 0 – 5 years old $ 49 $ 7
Child 6 – 14 Years Old Sharing with 2 Adults Surfer $ 2,229 $ 291
Non Surfer $ 1,132 $ 139




Beach Bungalow 7 Nights Extra Night
Single Surfer $ 5,499 $ 720
Non Surfer $ 3,943 $ 504
Twin Surfer $ 3,899 $ 497
Non Surfer $ 2,702 $ 331
Triple Surfer $ 3,631 $ 460
Non Surfer $ 2,493 $ 302


Child Rates

Beach Bungalow 7 Nights Extra Night
Infant 0 – 5 years old $ 49 $ 7
Child 6 – 14 Years Old Sharing with 2 Adults Surfer $ 2,278 $ 312
Non Surfer $ 1,282 $ 159


Water Bungalow

Water Bungalow 7 Nights Extra Night
Single Surfer $ 6,217 $ 819
Non Surfer $ 4,662 $ 604
Twin Surfer $ 4,348 $ 559
Non Surfer $ 3,151 $ 393


** All inclusive package (optional) in $USD
Standard (Adult) $41 per day
Premium (Adult) $101 per day
Standard (Child) $ 20 per day
Premium (Child) $ 51 per day


  • Costings for itineraries other than those specified available on application.
  • Prices subject to fluctuation.
  • Costs not included:  Travel insurance; excess baggage; entertainment; personal items; other activities.


Atoll Adventures No Hassle Travel Plan

Leave your surfboard at home.

Avoid excess baggage charges and airport hassles.

Atoll Adventures has a complete range of Surftech Turflite surfboards available for hire, to our clients at Dhonveli.

15 surfboards in numerous shapes, at reasonable rates.

Enough models are available to carter to all types of surfers, from 5’10” fishes to 9’2″ nose riders and everything between.
No need to bring your board, we got one to suit you.
Save the hassle of traveling with heavy board bags, or if your travel commitments won’t allow you to carry a board, you can now rent your favorite Surftech model and even pre book one before you arrive.
No more need to bring multiple boards.

“Surftech boards are the fastest, strongest and best boards I have ever ridden,”
Tony Hussain Hinde,

To be guaranteed the board you want, pre book it through our agents or check out our range when you arrive.
Rates and models available are:

Surfboard Rental Pricing

Shortboards Fun & Longboards
$25 per Day $30 Per Day
$145 for 7 Days $170 for 7 Days
$195 for 10 Days $240 for 10 Days
$225 for 14 Days $275 for 14 Days


Model Length Width Thickness Nose Tail
Surftech Short Boards
Webber Afterburner 6′ 4″ 19 1/8 2 3/8 11 1/8 14 1/8
JC Peter Mel 6′ 4″ 19 1/2 2 3/8 11 7/8 14 1/2
JC Equalizer 7′ 5″ 20 1/2 2 5/8 12 1/2 14 3/8
Channel Islands Flyer 6′ 8″
Byrne Mullet 6′ 6″ 20 3/4 2 3/4 12 1/4 15 1/4
R. French Fish 6′ 6″ 21 2 1/2 15 3/8 15 3/8
Wayne Lynch 6′ 9″ 19 3/4 2 5/8 11 3/4 13 3/4
Donald Takayama Egg 7′ 10″ 21 3/4 2 7/8 16 1/8 14 5/8
Fun Board #1 7’2”
Betty Fun Board #2 7’6”
Fun Board #3 7’8”
Fun Board #4 7’10”
JC Equalizer 7’6” 20 1/2 2 5/8 12 1/2 14 3/8
Channel Islands 7’6”
Donald Takayama
Nose Rider
9′ 2′ 22 1/4 2 15/16 18 14 1/2

The world is in the midst of a tumultuous time, and travel may be the furthest thing from your mind, but WaterWays Travel is here help to manage your existing bookings or to plan your dream surf trip once travel restrictions ease.
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