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Chicama Surf Resort is the brain child of some Peruvian surfers who have been traveling the globe since the 1970s. After seeing the world from Alaska to Zanzibar, these Peruvians understood what their country had to offer, and chose Chicama as the perfect spot to build a luxury surf resort accommodation that brought together the best of all they had seen in their travels.

There are 20 beautifully appointed rooms with balconies and unparalleled views of the winding lefts that start at the top of the point and go forever. All of the facilities from the restaurant to the bar to the gym and saunas to the swimming pool are thoroughly modern and first rate.

The attentive staff is there to accommodate your every need, and get you into the surf and back again in safety and comfort. The helping hands extend all the way out to the lineup as Chicama Surf Resort offers a boat service which picks up surfers at the tail end of those long rides and motors them back to the top of the lineup – saving time, energy and leg and arm muscles.

Unique Accommodations


Chicama Surf Resort was built from the ground up in 2006 and offers 20 rooms that can accommodate up to three persons.  Each room is tastefully appointed with a private bathroom, wireless internet, and private deck with views of the lineup or garden. 

Good food is important when you are surfing and paddling and walking many miles each day. Chicama Surf Resort has a dining room attended by a trained chef who works wonders with the local seafood and poultry producing an array of cuisines from around the world. The bar has an excellent variety of spirits and wines, including the world famous Pisco Sour.


Chicama Surf Resort also features a large entertainment area that includes computers, Internet access, large screen TVs, Ping Pong, darts, backgammon, pool table, foosball, and assorted table games. There is a health spa to warm up or cool down your aching muscles in the steam room, dry sauna, Jacuzzis, and massages. Chicama Surf Resort also has a gym complete with weights, cardio and boxing equipment to keep in shape between swells or for friends or loved ones who don’t surf but want to stay active.

Chicama Surf Resort also features a large entertainment area that includes computers, internet access, large screen TV’s, ping pong, darts, backgammon, pool table, foosball, and assorted table games.

There is a health spa to warm up or cool down your aching muscles in the steam room, dry sauna, Jacuzzis, and massages.

They have a gym complete with weights, cardio and boxing equipment to keep in shape between swells or for friends or loved ones who don’t surf and are envious of all the strenuous exercise you are getting.

Chicama Surf Resort has a quiver of premium boards available for rent: shortboards, long boards, and fun boards in sizes that range from 5’6 to 9+ feet.

But perhaps the best service provided by the resort is the surfing equivalent of AAA. The resort has two powered watercrafts which will be available at times during the day to allow you to enjoy your surfing experience to the max. Boat assisted surfing allows for more time surfing and less time paddling or walking back to a good starting position. The water vehicles are also available for kite or wind surfing in Chicama.

Surf & Seasons

The Surf

 Chicama is known around the world as perhaps the longest wave in the world. The entire point is two and a half miles long and divided into three sections: The very outside point is called Malpaso, which breaks for about 150 meters. The next point toward town is called Keys, which breaks for another 600 meters before hitting deep water. The entire point never connects, no matter how big the swell gets, but when the swell is over six feet, the Main Point links up with sections called The Point and El Hombre that break all the way to the pier in town – a ride of 2.5 kilometers that lasts for minutes. When the waves get big, legs are more important than arms. Paddling back out is not an option: too far, too much current. Most surfers walk, and it takes a good half an hour walking to cover a distance that took a couple minutes on a surfboard. The truth about Chicama is that those epic roping days are not every day, but there are other waves close by that are more consistent, and some say, even better than Chicama. Just 25 miles to the north, Pacasmayo is another incredibly long left point that is known for being consistently much bigger and more consistent than Chicama.

Pacasmayo is another left that breaks from 3 to 15 feet and has several sections: some speedy and tubular, others thick and slow. The resort can easily transport surfers to this spot. Fifty miles to the south of Chicama, there is another incredible left point at Huanchaco. A visit here is a full day trip as you will want to experience the town itself and take a ride on a Caballitos de Totora, one of the local reed fishing boats the locals still utilize today to come in and out through the surf. Halfway between Chicama and Huanchaco, there is yet another left point off the beaten path located in front of an abandoned fishing village called Poemape. This break is more exposed to wind than Chicama, but is consistently a little bigger. The outside breaks over a rock before turning the corner and wrapping into the small bay. The point changes from year to year depending on sand flow; sometimes fast and hollow, other times a bit fat with sections.


This country that stretches from 3° to 18° south of the equator has water temperature ranging from cold to surprisingly warm. Most of the Pacific Coast of Peru gets less than one inch of rain per year and explains why this coastal region is often described as a lunar like landscape. The Humboldt Current is the largest upwelling current on the planet, and it flows counterclockwise from the southern tip of Chile to the northern reaches of Peru. The cold water that upwells to the surface is rich with nutrients, and sea life thrives.The Humboldt Current also contributes to the climactic factors that make coastal Peru look like the surface of the moon. Peru is flanked by the Andes which rise as high as 15,000 feet and create a wall separating the cool Pacific air from the more humid air of the Atlantic. This coolness limits the amount of evaporation from the ocean, thereby limiting humidity, which in turn limits the airs ability to retain sun generated heat. Also, the east side of the Andes soak up all the moisture from air moving to the west, leaving almost nothing to fall on the west side. Peru has good surf year round, and the time of year you travel may dictate the area in Peru on which you focus.

The Southern region around Lima gets big consistent surf year round. Air temps can get into the low 60s in the dead of winter (June/August), and up to the low 80s in the summer (Dec/Feb). Water temps range from 58-68 winter to summer. You’ll get south swell year round in Lima, but winter weather can be unfavorable June through October and the best weather occurs from December through May.

Chicama is most consistent during the south swell period April through October, but can pick up big NW swells Dec thru Feb that are less frequent. During the south swell winter the water temps will range from 60-68 degrees, and up into the 70s in the summer. Air temperatures range from 65-80 degrees, with even the winter months having warm days.



To exercise your mind as well as your body, Chicama Surf Resort is more than a surfing resort. Archeological discoveries of great importance have earned this area the title of the new Cusco. At La Huaca del Sol y la Luna are adobe pyramids built by the Moche people around 300 BC. At Sipan is the King Tut of the New World– the burial tomb of a Mochican royal: the richest tomb discovered in the Americas. El Brujo, Sipan and Sican are all important cultural sites on the Ruta Moche, but all roads lead to Chan Chan – the Surf City of ancient Peru. Chan Chan is of equal interest to those interested in world history – and surf history. Built around 1300 AD, Chan Chan was the largest adobe city – home to 60,000. Along the beach at Chan Chan, perhaps the worlds oldest surf culture is going strong, as modern Peruvian fisherman make it out to sea and back on caballitos de totora – small craft made of reeds that Peruvians have used to get in and out of the surf, going back to 3000 BC – when Hawaii was a Polynesian myth.


You can take your turn navigating one of these traditional water craft through the surf. The Moche temples of the sun and the moon are in the Giza of Peru, located about 15 minutes from Trujillo. According to legend, the Huaca del Sol was built in only three days by a quarter of a million men who stacked 70 million adobe bricks into a pyramid 40 meters high. Huaca de la Luna is made of overlapping structures, built over many generations and hides a tomb where 40 Moche warriors were buried – after they were sacrificed. As with all our Peruvian packages, you may want consider a three night side trip to experience one of the greater wonders of the world such as the lost city of Machu Picchu, Cusco or the headwaters of the Amazon.

On/off site activities include:

  • Horseback riding
  • Sailboarding
  • Kitesurfing
  • Fishing
  • Pool
  • Ancient Ruins
  • Cultural Tours
  • Pool

” You made our trip so much better! We would have been lost without ya’ll! Mmmm… good food. Good people. Good waves. Love this place! It will always be in my heart and soul.”
– JC


2024 Rates

Package Details

  • Nightly luxury resort accommodations
  • Daily Buffet Breakfast
  • Access to All Hotel Facilities: Saunas, Jacuzzis, Gym, Swimming Pool, Surf Board Storage, TV Lounge, Games Room
  • WiFi Internet
  • One child under 7 years of age will not be charged for accommodations and can be offered an extra bed free of charge under request.
  • Tow Back Service / Private Boats / Foil Packages:
    Chicama Point is one of the longest waves in the world. Through Chicama Resort we can arrange a boat service to transfer guests back to the top of the point eliminating the 20-minute walk. This has been a part of the Chicama experience for over 20 years and Chicama Resort offers the best drivers and reliable boats. Ask us about private boat options as well. Chicama Point is also known as one of the best waves on the planet for foiling. We offer special packages for parties interested in foiling Chicama boat to tow guests into waves and much further out the back of the boat and transport back out. Enquire now regarding these special trips!

Trujillo’s Airport / Bus Station Transfers

Chicama is located about 70 km North of Trujillo, the hub for guests arriving from Lima. Guests may arrive into Trujillo city by plane or bus. Travel to Chicama from Trujillo will require a proper and comfortable transfer and will take approximately 1 hour. Our professional drivers carry a sign that will have your names on it which will identify him as crew member of the Chicama Surf Resort. Prices for this service change depending on the number of guests in each reservation.

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