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Two Brother Surf Resort - Pool, Property, Common area

Two Brother Surf Resort

Popoyo, Nicaragua

Two Brothers Surf Resort, located in the Popoyo region, is home to unique conditions not found elsewhere in Nicaragua, or Central America as a whole. This area’s nearly year-round offshore wind is generated by Lake Nicaragua to the east, creating epic surf conditions from sunrise to sunset. It’s truly special, and there’s no better way to surf experience this incredible area than Two Brothers Surf Resort. Guests at Two Brothers receive expert guide service and transportation to all the waves in the region making it the perfect option for hardcore barrel hunters and beginning surfers alike. The Gregory brothers provide comfortable uniquely designed accommodations that are perfect for any group size overlooking the coast and just minutes from the water. Two Brothers is a spot guests return to every season.

Why should you consider Nicaragua for your next surf vacation?

1. Offshore Conditions: The Popoyo region is home to the “Lake Effect”, consistent offshore wind created Lake Nicaragua, Central America’s largest lake. No need to worry about 10am onshore winds.

2. Consistent Swell: Nicaragua’s Pacific coastline enjoys consistent swell nearly year-round with the biggest months being April through September. South Swell’s are the name of the game and Nicaragua is positioned perfectly to receive every bit of energy the South Pacific churns up.

3. Variety of Breaks: Nicaragua offers a variety of surf breaks, including beachbreaks, reefs, pointbreaks, slabs, and rivermouths. This diversity ensures that there’s something for surfers of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced.

4. Affordability: Surfing in Nicaragua is relatively budget-friendly compared to other international surf destinations. Two Brothers offers an inclusive package and excellent service for a reasonable price making it a great option for solo travelers, families, and big groups.

5. Beautiful Scenery: Nicaragua’s coastline is stunning, featuring pristine beaches, lush tropical forests, and warm, crystal-clear waters. The natural beauty of the country adds an extra layer of appeal to your surf experience.

6. Friendly Locals: Nicaraguans are known for their warm and welcoming hospitality. Like everywhere, respect is key but the surf community around Popoyo is friendly and supportive.

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