Swill in Pohnpei 2019 / 2020 – Week 5

by | Dec 21, 2019 | Flights, Surf Travel, Surf Travel Specials, Travel Stories


Just when we thought the surf was not going to be good this week, the forecast changed. Even with today’s technology, there are those gaps modern surf-forecasting misses.

We really were not expectation this, but Monday morning had some of best and cleanest surf we have seen so far this season. It was one of those days you want to be in the water all day. Light straight off shore winds, sunny skies and waves up to double overhead on the biggest sets. All surfers here (5 surfers) took their chance on swells, booked ahead, got the rewarded.. Average number of surfers on the line up, 5 to none.

Not the biggest nor the best day in history but heaps of fun. Not so bad place to be.