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Surfing in Mexico

Take a surf trip down to Mexico to experience the culture, lifestyle, and splendid waves. WaterWays Travel specializes in the Mazatlán area and Salina Cruz region in the south. Mexico is packed with long points, powerful, hollow beachbreaks-it's all here.

Surfing in Costa Rica

Costa Rica exports a lot of coffee, bananas and microprocessors, and most importantly, Costa Rica imports a lot of swell. With varieties of Point Breaks, Beach Breaks, and reefs, Costa Rica is a destination that you would want to reach. And that makes Costa Rica’s surf-lavished coastlines among the country’s most valuable natural resources.

Surfing in El Salvador

The Republic of El Salvador is the smallest country in Central America bordered by Guatemala to the west, Honduras to the north, Nicaragua to the east and 320 miles of Pacific Ocean to the South. With an array of point breaks, beach breaks, and reefs, El Salvador is known for a few of the worlds most famous surf spots.

Surfing in Panama

Take a tropical trip down to Panama to enjoy the warm weathers and waves. WaterWays specializes in the Bocas del Toro region in the Caribbean and the Veraguas region on the Pacific side of the country.

Surfing in Ecuador / Galapagos

Are you sick of surfing in jam-packed spots and going home with only a few good rides? Just when you thought the whole world was as crowded as Lower Trestles or Sebastian Inlet, along comes Ecuador: miles of wave-lashed coastline hiding between Colombia and Peru that the surf world has overlooked. Take a trip down to the coast of Ecuador to enjoy a spot to yourself and have an "Endless Summer."

Surfing in Papua New Guinea

Surfing in Fiji

Surfing in Fiji. Fiji is a world-renowned surf trip destination, famous for breaks on the mainland and islands alike. The fijian surf trip destinations of Tavarua Island and Namotu Island attract world tour surfing events. Surf trips to Tavarua Fiji and surf trips to Namotu Fiji are both Fijian surfing trips you can take with Waterways Surf Adventures.

Surfing in Samoa

Surfing in Samoa. Samoa gets waves all year. Both Samoan islands of Upolo and Savaii attract swell all year round with world class reefs. Surf trips to Savaii Samoa and surf trips to Upolo Samoa are both Samoan surfing trips you can take with Waterways Surf Adventures.

Surfing in Nicaragua

Take a surf trip to Nicaragua. Located between El Salvador to the north and Costa Rica to the south, Nicaragua is one of Surfline's "Best Bets" for surf travel from anywhere in the US. The water temperature in Nicaragua is warm so you will be able to surf all day. And if you make your way to Nicaragua, the chances are that you are going to get barreled – a lot.

Surfing in Peru

Take a surf trip down to Peru to enjoy many of the features that all surfers seek for. Peru has the four S’s covered in abundance: Swell, Surf spots, Solitude and Seafood. These are the S words that surfers like best, and while Peru is a country that is on the surf travel map, the third largest country in South America is still Terra Incognita to most surfers.

Surfing in Tahiti

Looking for tropical weathers, beautiful landscapes and swells? Tahiti is one of many islands in the Society group, the Society archipelago is itself one of several island groups in French Polynesia which includes the Marquesas and the Tuamotus.

Surfing in South Africa

With over 1700 miles of Indian and Atlantic Ocean coastline, South Africa's surf potential may never be fully tapped. African surfari offers a greater variety of waves than other entire continents. Introduce yourself to new cultures, waves, and barrels..

Surfing in Dominican Republic

Travel down to the Dominican Republic to chill, adventure and discover hidden surf spots. The entire Caribbean and the D.R. in particular is rich with whispers of lost treasure and secret surf spots. Like Puerto Rico, Barbados and the other islands of the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic gets waves all year around.

Surfing in Bali / G-Land

Most surfers are familiar with the exotic waves of Bali. Overflowing with rich history, good food, beautiful destinations and the swell, Bali is every surfers dream. Bali is the mystical Island of 1000 Temples - and hundreds of waves. Some of the names are familiar - Uluwatu, Padang-Padang, Bingin, Kuta, Sanur - and for good reason. No region in Indonesia has a broader variety of world-class waves that are so easily accessible.

Surfing in Rote / Timor

Get away from tourist packed spots and take a surf trip down to Rote. Rote is a small island in the Nusa Tengarra region of Indonesia, southwest of Timor and a very different world away from the increasingly overrun surfing areas of Bali, Sumatra and the Maldives.

Surfing in Lombok / Sumbawa

The Indonesian archipelago is loaded with perfect surf from one end to the other – from the northern top of Simulue Island all the way around to Timor. Take a surf trip down to Lombok/ Sumbawa to experience endless spots to surf.

Surfing in Marshall Islands

Surfing in Mentawai

Looking to experience a little bit of everything on your surf trip? The Mentawai islands are the real deal! Like trout fishing in Montana, powder skiing in British Columbia, the women of Rio de Janeiro and Rincon on a giant west swell, the Mentawai are one of those places that live up to the hype.

Surfing in North Sumatra

This region north of the Mentawai is holding world-class surf in the Telo Islands, the Banyaks, and the Hinakos. With crystal clear water and amazing barrels, who wouldn't want to surf here?

Surfing in Maldives

Maldives is still fairly unknown to the surfing community and if you'd like to come back to share new stories to your fellow surfers, Maldives is the spot to go to. The Maldives is a fairly recent surf discovery made in 1973 by Australians Tony Hinde and Mark Scanlon. Three hundred and fifty miles southwest of Sri Lanka, the Maldivian atolls are a fantasy of perfect surf breaking in turquoise waters along coral reefs that are mostly unknown to the outside world.

Surfing in Caroline Islands