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We’re partnering with SeaTrees to help our eco system

Our Ocean Resolution with SeaTrees

This time of year, is typically a time of reflection and resolution.  At Waterways Travel we have reflected on the many friends and waves around the world to be grateful for and it is our resolution to give back in ways we believe will make a difference to our planet.

We would like to thank every client that has traveled with Waterways this year by donating a portion of the proceeds to SeaTrees in a partnership to plant 250 Coral Fragments in Bali and 1075 mangrove trees in Baja.  This collaboration would not be possible without every passenger that Waterways has had the privilege of booking.  As surfers we have core company values that acknowledge a positive impact to our ocean is vital for a better global eco system.  The efforts taken by SeaTrees to better our planet is something we endorse whole heartedly and we encourage all our travelers to check out their website to learn more.

About SeaTrees™

The ocean contains 90% of the carbon in the global carbon cycle. It’s super power is to sequester more CO2 than any other ecosystem on Earth. But it needs our help to be more heroic and effective.

We need more people to protect and restore ocean health. Threats like climate change and ocean acidification are accelerating faster than ever before in geologic history. Humanity must rise to meet that threat.

SeaTrees creates connections between people and brands that are ready to meet this challenge, and the social entrepreneurs and scientists who know how to regenerate ecosystems but struggle for funding and recognition.

Through a combination of indigenous wisdom, modern science and inspired business, we can speed up the Earth’s natural healing mechanisms to repair our planet in real-time. We will also create jobs and livelihoods that maintain healthy ecosystems for the future.

Projects they facilitate

  • Mangrove Forests
  • Coral Reefs
  • Seagrass Meadows
  • Coastal Watershed
  • Kelp Forests
  • Oyster Reef
  • Science + Research Projects


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