Swill in Pohnpei 2019 / 2020

by | Nov 1, 2019 | Flights, Surf Travel, Surf Travel Specials, Travel Stories

Simon “Swilly” Williams will be doing a weekly blog at Pohnpei Surf Club showing you what Phonpei Surf Club has to offer.


“As I land on that small runway I can’t help but wonder what will the next 6 weeks bring to the table. Will there be a mega swell to end all swells? Will it be a slow start? One thing is for sure, stay tuned for my weekly updates. Here are a few moments from the past years. I have been going to P – Pass for 14 years and magic never ends. From the island, the scenery, the locals, and the waves, the combination of all of these things just keeps you coming back.”