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WaterWays during Covid-19

While the world copes with an unprecedented global health situation, the crew here at WaterWays is continuing to work remotely in order to help you plan for a future beyond the uncertainty. Whether you have an existing booking or would like to prepare for a new strike...

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Swill in Pohnpei 2019 / 2020 – Week 7

  I just sat down and went over all my blogs from the last 7 weeks .WOW I had forgotten all the great times. Not to mention great waves. It is too easy to take for granted surfing great waves with only a handful of humans out, everyone taking turns with an epic...

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Swill in Pohnpei 2019 / 2020 – Week 6

  The last week of the Fall season forecasts gave us horrible winds but forecasts do not take into consideration local weather systems resulting in completely different conditions. It has been raining a lot more than usual for Pohnpei, but the surf has been...

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Swill in Pohnpei 2019 / 2020 – Week 5

  Just when we thought the surf was not going to be good this week, the forecast changed. Even with today’s technology, there are those gaps modern surf-forecasting misses. We really were not expectation this, but Monday morning had some of best and cleanest surf...

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Swill in Pohnpei 2019 / 2020 – Week 4

  Like anywhere else in the world, eventually the swells have to come down, but no reason for desperation. Finally a day to rest and see a bit of the island. Winds have been light. Fishing has been fun. A new week of head high to overhead surf starting Monday the...

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Swill in Pohnpei 2019 / 2020 – Week 3

  There has been some unusual weather for Pohnpei but no shortage of waves. A rare and large swell generated by a high-pressure system to the east sent a 15 ft swell to Pohnpei. Because of the direction, P-Pass was around 8ft with some amazing moments. Other...

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Swill in Pohnpei 2019 / 2020 – Week 2

  For a small island, Pohnpei has a lot of beauty to experience, from the reefs and atolls, Nan Madol, 50 or so waterfalls, diving, fishing, and the World War II historical sites, there is something for everyone. But for our two guests from Australia, the surf...

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Swill in Pohnpei 2019 / 2020 – Week 1

  The typhoon and a flat surf report??? Week 1. With most amazing destination in the world, Phonpei is not the easiest place to get to. Unfortunately for me, due to a delay in Brisbane, we missed our connecting flight in Port Moresby. This turned a 10 hour trip...

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Swill in Pohnpei 2019 / 2020

Simon “Swilly” Williams will be doing a weekly blog at Pohnpei Surf Club showing you what Phonpei Surf Club has to offer.   "As I land on that small runway I can’t help but wonder what will the next 6 weeks bring to the table. Will there be a mega swell to end...

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Kandui Villas Early Season Highlights

Early season at Kandui Villas has been going off with fun surf and clean conditions.  The Mentawais Season is just getting started and it is only going to get better. The Mentawais should be on every surfers short list and Kandui Villas is the best place to make...

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Swilly in Pohnpei – Part 4

After last week's big swell I really was wondering how this week would go . No need to worry with Friday and Saturday pumping with a super fun 3 to 5 feet swell . It was has been one of the best early starts to the season I can remember. I think in a month of me being...

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Swilly in Pohnpei – Part 3

Well what a week , Pumping is an understatement. With a small crew on hand, and pro surfer Billy Kean there were lots of moments. From Wednesday until Sunday we had great waves. It never stopped. Peaking at 6 to 8 on Thursday. Great winds on Thursday meant for an...

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Swilly in Pohnpei – Part 2

You know that I go all over the world in search of empty perfect line ups . I don’t know why I bother . Just go to Pohnpei from Oct till April and you are always going to get uncrowded line ups. If the surf is flat, there are lots of great things to do as well. Just...

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President Joko Widobo visits Nemberala Beach Resort

It is not everyday that we get the President of Indonesia at one of our resorts but that is exactly what happened last week on Rote Island. President Joko Widobo, popularly known as President Jokowi, and his sizable security detail all dropped in at Nemberala Beach...

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The Legend Of The 40 Dogz

Follow the boys in this 6 minute short as they sail the Maldives in a traditional teak cruiser making beats, surfing and living off the ocean in a quest to escape the madness of modern society. For Full Soundtrack & More Info: | Full...

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Swilly back in Pohnpei | Part 3

Monday was a picture perfect day with light off shore and sunny sky . The surf was in the 2 to 4 foot range and just 6 of us out . The morning session was fun. The afternoon session till dark was just gorgeous Lemon colored light and fun waves . Tuesday saw same size...

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Swilly back in Pohnpei | Part 2

The second part of the week started slow , but we had a few fun moments out at P-Pass . Even when P-Pass is small it still offers a super fun wall. I guess the greatest thing is that it is an empty line up. That one fact on its own, is worth a million dollars and...

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Swilly back in Pohnpei | Part 1

After a long but very comfortable flight with Air Niugini. I arrived in Pohnpei. I have been coming here for 12 years and it feels like a second home to me these days. After a well needed rest I was reunited with Allois Malfitani, PSC camp pioneer and his beautiful...

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