Moon Palikir Mentawais Charter

The Moon Palikir is the newest boat in our fleet of Mentawai Surf Charters, a surf travel company run by Carlos Kadu and Marlon Beztrucha.  Moon Palikir is one fast boat, designed to deliver surfers to the best waves with speed and safety, protect them in comfort in...

Mentawai Quest 1 Surf Charter

Formerly known as the Indies Trader 2 the “Quest 1” was purchased by Rip Curl and rechristened in 2011 to cruise the Mentawai in search of epic surf!  With a recent facelift by Rip Curl, the 69 foot long Quest 1 yacht is now primed and ready to take as...

Mentawai Bohemian Baru Surf Charter

The Bohemian Baru is one of the newest and freshest surf yachts in the WaterWays’ Mentawai fleet.  Built in 2011, the Bohemian is a 62-foot aluminum catamaran powered by two Daewoo 220 HP engines for a high end speed of 14 knots and cruising speed of 10 knots....

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