Mentawai Bohemian Baru Surf Charter

by | Oct 10, 2011 | News, Photos

The Bohemian Baru is one of the newest and freshest surf yachts in the WaterWays’ Mentawai fleet.  Built in 2011, the Bohemian is a 62-foot aluminum catamaran powered by two Daewoo 220 HP engines for a high end speed of 14 knots and cruising speed of 10 knots. The catamaran design provides substantially more space both above and below deck compared to a mono-hull of the same length.

The Bohemian is a modern Mentawai cruiser: fast, comfortable, efficient, safe and designed for getting guests into the best waves, while providing a custom-made platform for all kinds of ocean activities. The interior and above decks areas are comfortable and shaded and perfect for lounging, reading, catching up on movies and TV shows you don’t have time for back in the modern world.  Take a trip into the interior of any island for an unparallel cultural experience aboard the Bohemian Baru!