Late Season Special

Summer may be over but the south swells are still churning and places like El Salvador are still giving out the goods with half as many people in the lineup. From the well known like La Libertad to the lesser known reefs and points and beachies at the east end of the...

New Surf Charter – The Sola Gracia

Introducing the newest addition to our Waterways’ fleet of surf charters, The Sola Gracia!  This 74’ motor cruiser will take you and your buddies on an epic voyage through the South Pacific, Indo Pacific and Indonesia.  With a range of over 3000 nautical miles the...

The Inertia: Samoan Snapshots

Surf resort boatmen are the antithesis of a nine-to-fiver. It’s not the most lucrative gig, but it’s one of the most soul-satisfying occupations a surfer could ever have. On a recent trip to Salani Surf Resort in Samoa, Sean Murphy of Waterways Travel invited...

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