Surfing Pasta Point Maldives

What Restaurants is to Tavarua, Pasta Point is to Chaaya Island Dhonveli: A long, high-performance, occasionally barreling left hander wrapping around a coral reef, directly in front of the resorts restaurant & bar. At Chaaya Island Dhonveli Resort you have...

Macaronis Resort Is Back!

Macaronis Resort is back and WaterWays is ready to help book your next dream surf trip here!  In the last five years, Macaronis Resort has played host to hundreds of surfers looking for a comfortable surf resort situated in the Indonesian epicenter of world class...

Destination Swell Alerts (10/4-10/9)

Location: Motels, Tonga (11-12 feet) Light and variable southeast winds with smooth seas. Large long period swell from the south. 10ft @ 11s from S (181) Location: Maldives, Pasta Point (7-8 feet) Light west-southwest winds with a slight chop. Moderate short period...

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