Welcome Back Cloudbreak

Cloudbreak was going off the other day, and some of the world’s best surfers were there to enjoy it. The periods were really long, creating walls linking from The Point through Shish Kebabs. Some of the CT guys were there to get ready for the event, but I think...

This Week’s Top Tweets

Namotu_Island Got some swell .Looks like we will finally get rain after 4 months which is great for Fiji and our water tanks. Mark__Visser Just landed in Fiji. Waves are a day behind us… This could be a good one 🙂 #Namotu #CloudBreak #Fiji OrdinaryTravelr RT...

Fiji Swell Alert!

Winter has officially ended in the southern hemisphere, but that doesn’t mean the large swells are out of season!  There are several more South West swells expected to pound Fiji in the future forecast. The vicious storm in the Tasman Sea last week sent powerful...

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