Kandui Villas Surf Update!

by | Sep 10, 2012 | News, Photos

Some solid swell showed up for our recent group out here at Kandui Villas, and everyone was psyching!  It has been a pretty mellow season this year, with most of our swell events being in the head high to a few feet overhead range, and while they are always a ton of fun and extremely playful, this crew was definitely excited to have some solid energy moving through the ocean during their stay here.  Our guests were a mixed group of devoted surfers from international locales known for their quality surf, and their home grown training prepared them well for the variety of conditions they found during their trip.  Peru, Australia, Brazil, and California were all well represented, and the different breaks allowed different surfers to shine each day.

The days that had rippable playful waves the performance surfers were getting their fill and making the most of their opportunities, and when the swell pulsed the guys that thrive in solid barrels were collecting some of the best rides of those sessions.  It was awesome to see each surfer find their own personal “perfect day” amongst the whole trip of perfect days, and it gave experiences that will be remembered for a lifetime to everyone in the crew.  So grateful for another amazing stretch of surf out here in the Mentawais!

-  Jordan (Marketing Manager PT Saraina Koat Mentawai)

Photo Credit: Black Pearl / Kandui Villas