Spring Time = South Swells

by | Mar 15, 2012 | News, Surf Travel, Swell Alerts

Tuesday, March 20th this year will mark the equinox, and what many people in the states refer to as the first day of spring and what surfers consider the beginning of the South swell period. Spring time means only one thing to the surf population, south swells and fun lefts (especially for goofy footers). The Southern Pacific Ocean vibrates energy towards the following surf regions during the Spring time; Peru, El Salvador, Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

The Chicama region of Peru is most consistent during the South swell period April through October. During the south swell winter the water temp will range from 60-68 degrees, and up into the 70’s in the summer.

El Salvador has two seasons, wet and dry. The wet season months start during the mid part of our Spring time of May through October and see the largest most consistent swells with average wave heights in the head high+ range, with the larger 8’-12’ swells coming through fairly consistently. Punta Roca what some consider one of the best right points in the world gets best on S-SW swells and gives any surfer the chance to get barreled out of their mind!

Bordering countries Costa Rica and Nicaragua both pick up the southern hemi swells and the famous break Santa Teresa gets good on W-SW swells from the head high to a couple feet over head range. The Southern Pacific Ocean vibrates energy toward Costa Rica and Nicaragua’s Pacific coast year-round, although south swells are strongest from the months of April to September.