Solo Surf Travel

by | Nov 16, 2011 | News, Surf Travel

Surfers who have never traveled alone often describe their first solo surf trip as an almost “zen like” experience.  There are both pros and cons for surfers who are looking to travel alone.  Here are a few of the things you might want to think about when booking your next solo surf trip.

Pro:  Meet new people and be able indulge in the travel experience fully.

Con:  Sometimes it can get a little lonely out there in the water solo.

Pro:  Only one person making the call on where to surf next (no goofy or regular feuds!).

Con:  Getting injured, always nice to have someone else there to help you out if you hit the reef hard.  A bonus if they have first aid experience!

Pro:  You don’t have to jockey for the wave with your buddy.

Con:  You have to do all the work, don’t have a travel partner to help with booking or hauling around board bags/luggage.

Pro:  Everything is on your schedule (You can get up for that early morning session or party all night).

Con:  You are solely responsible for any costs that occur during your trip.

Pro:  Easy to get around and squeeze into any form of transportation.

Con:  Not able to get the incredible group rate deals travel companies offer.

Pro:  No one else telling you what to do or how to do it.

Con:  No one to witness that epic 5 second barrel you got.

Traveling solo isn’t for everyone and it does have its downsides, but hopefully these pros/cons will help those currently planning a surf trip to make a better informed decision.