Here are some details on the contest:

1) All kids 17 & are free.  We will have free food and tons of goodies to give away.
2) Pro-am currently has a minimum purse of $2000.  I’m working on getting a bit
more there. Entry fee is stated as $20 now but if desired by the majority of
competitors I may lower it to $10.
3) I have been working with the City Of Pismo Beach for the last few months to
get a tow-at air demo/challenge included. This has been a lot of work for them
and me as it is new to us.  I think this could be an amazing venue now and in
the future.  It will be on October 1st from 11am to 1pm.  I’m going to invite 6 to
12 well known air guys to come up.  I’m hoping to have between $500 to $1000
plus product for this division.
4) There will also be an bag full of goodies valued at several hundred dollars for
the person that shows up with the coolest contest theme painted board.
Goodies will be paint pens donated by Fiberglass Hawaii and mixed goodies
from other sponsors.
– Walter Cerny