Storm reveals new slab in Ireland

by | Nov 11, 2010 | News, Swell Alerts

A new mental big wave slab which people are already referring to as a Maverick’s look-alike was discovered last week after a major storm hit the west coast of Ireland.  With 60 mph winds and torrential rain Ireland was under severe weather watch.  This severe weather system passed and the sky opened up creating flawless conditions for a couple of big wave surfers to tackle a new offshore slab they called “Prowlers”.

The hurricane force winds created one of the largest swells of the year to hit the west coast of Ireland and also creating new un-ridden spots.  This big wave crew included: Richie Fitzgerald, Barry Mottershead, Jeremy Johnson, Paul Okane and Andrew Cotton.  For these hell men it was all about the experience of tackling a new giant that had never been ridden before!

For pictures and more details on this big wave discovery visit Surfline.