Blown out – wind is usually blowing hard on-shore making the surf choppy and un-ride able.

Shralping –to surf well, also called “ripping” or “shredding”.

Thruster – a three-fin surfboard (designed by shaper Simon Anderson).

Tombstoning – it is when you get held under water so deep that your leash pulls the tail of your board down, leaving the nose sticking up like a tombstone.

Aggro – angry or pissed off person in the line up, also can be some one who is overly aggressive or yells offensive things.

Amped – when some one is overly excited or stoked.

Firing – surf is going off or very good.

Backdoor – the act of taking off deep behind the peak or section of the wave that is breaking. (usually used when getting barreled)

Acid Drop – when you take off on a wave and the bottom suddenly falls out, making you free fall down the face.

Barney – someone who is less skilled at surfing or gets in the way in the lineup.

Dawn Patrol – early morning surf session.

Epic – usually refers to great conditions or waves.

Man in Grey Suit – what surfers refer to as the Great White Shark. (from Australia)

Party Wave – usually an open faced wave that multiple surfers are riding at once.

Waterman – a person who basically lives in the ocean and knows everything about it. (master of all ocean related sports activities)

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