It’s been 2 weeks, how crowded is it?

by | Jul 23, 2010 | News, Surf Travel

As you are likely already aware, on July 1, 2010 with little forewarning the Fijian government passed a new law stating the following:

“Tourist and local surfers can from Friday July 9, 2010 access and use any surfing area in Fiji without having to pay or obtain permit or approval from any person”

This essentially means that breaks that have previously been under the control of resort or surf camp operations, are now open to anyone who can get there. This opens the doors to more surfers accessing waves like Cloubreak. So after 2 weeks of the decree being passed, How crowded are the reefs at Namotu?

We are Happy to Report… Empty Lineups

We just received this message from Namotu reporting no increase in activity on the reefs of Namotu:

Just wanted to update on what is happening out here. Since the decree we have seen little to NO extra activity on our reefs. Cloudbreak is where everyone is going including most of our guests.

Wait, Namotu guests surfing Cloudbreak and Restaurants?

That’s right! Under the new Surf Decree guests staying at Namotu will be able to venture over to Tavarua to surf Restaurants and Cloudbreak! People traveling to Namotu with Waterways Surf Adventures in the coming months are in a great position as there is no infrastructure set up yet, meaning there will be the same total number of people surfing in Fiji, but spread out over many more reefs.  Scott and Mandy of Namotu reported today:

“We have been surfing Wilkes with NO ONE OUT!”

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