Salina Cruz Early Season Special

The land of sand bottom right points breaks awaits you!  Our surf packages in Salina Cruz are coordinated in conjunction with Punta Escondida Surf Tours and local resident/surfer Gustavo Frey Jr. The level of service and comfortable accommodations at Punta Escondida,...

Early Season at Macaronis

The opening season at Macaronis has arrived and the first guests in house got spoiled with perfect uncrowded early season waves! November through February generally sees northwesterly winds, which may not be favorable for the big name breaks, but there are waves that...

Surfing Macaronis in Summer Season

Considered by most to be the middle of off season… year after year, it definitely still goes off! Some beautiful classic days this summer (Dec. 2015/Jan. 2016). This video says it all, surfing Macaronis in the summer season can be a great call!

Scoring J-Bay in June

Hey Sean, Just a quick follow-up on my J-Bay trip back in late June, thought I should let you know that I had a great time and scored really good surf. The guesthouse and the staff were awesome and the surf guide Ettiene was a genuinely nice guy and very cool. I wish...

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