The second part of the week started slow , but we had a few fun moments out at P-Pass . Even when P-Pass is small it still offers a super fun wall. I guess the greatest thing is that it is an empty line up. That one fact on its own, is worth a million dollars and hours of travel.

Saturday saw 12 volunteers jump on to Allois’ big boat and head out for clean up the reef day .
4 scuba drivers and 9 snorkelers all armed with gloves and bags. We went to town cleaning up the inside ledges of Palkir pass. 5 hours later we returned to the doc with tires, cables, cans, bottles and plastic trash.

We filled a small truck. I understand it is a small dent in a huge problem but at least we all had a go. The reef was so pretty in parts, you found yourself losing focus on what you there for.
And so ends an epic week!!

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