The last week of the Fall season forecasts gave us horrible winds but forecasts do not take into consideration local weather systems resulting in completely different conditions. It has been raining a lot more than usual for Pohnpei, but the surf has been excellent. These systems switch winds locally.

This last week of the Fall gave us 4 days of fun surf and by Friday those horrible winds were still being pushed back. Sunday mornings are usually the changeover for our guests from Australia and guide/photographer Swilly will departing after almost two months of guiding and shooting pictures for the guests.

If a guest got a wave, Swilly shot it!

Thanks for all the great work Swilly.

I am sure I will still be able to hear your voice as the planes takes off and disappear into the horizon.

Winter is here.

Its Pohnpei time!

-Allois – Pohnpei Surf Club


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