Last year, we ran a contest called “Score for 4” where we sent the winner and 3 of his/her best surf buddies on a trip south of the border. Trestles local Brian Taylor won the contest and chose Miraflores in El Salvador as his destination. Last month, Taylor, along with his compadres Jon Pauling, Sean Kosky, and Daniel Taylor, packed their bags and went to the land of papusas in search of surf without spending a dime. As evidenced by the photos below, the boys got exactly what they were looking for.

“I cannot say in words how incredible our time was in El Salvador.” sums up Brian, “We could not believe the location Miraflores has there and how good Punta Mango was everyday”. Specifically, the crew called the oceanfront luxury of Miraflores home while they pillaged the points and peaks in the area by boat and SUV before returning back to HQ for cocktails and a sunset to remember each night. The surf cooperated with consistent south swells and the stoke meter ran high landing to take off. As Brian put it in an email to us shortly after returning home, “All around, it was perfectly amazing!”





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