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Choosing a destination is sometimes simple and other times more difficult. Some passengers know exactly where they want to go, and when; others only know that they need a surf trip but are not sure to where or when. In either case our website provides vast amounts of information on various products including seasonality and pricing. However, to be certain you are making the best decision for your needs we strongly recommend you get on the phone (or email) with one of our agents. A few of the most important questions you will be asked to narrow in on the best location for your specific requirements are:

  • What time of year do you wish to travel?
  • What type of surf are you looking for? Heavy/Hollow vs. Fun/Performance – Rights vs. Left etc…?
  • What type of board do you generally ride? Short vs. Long
  • What level/style of accommodations do you prefer? Land based vs. Yacht based – Luxury Resort vs. Basic clean & comfortable
  • Will you be traveling alone or with a group? If with a group, how large and what type of group? A few friends all surfers vs. mixed group with non surfers
  • What length of time do you have to complete your trip including travel days? 5 days, 7 days, 9 days wanting to utilizing the weekends or open to 14 nights +
  • From what city will you be departing?

By answering these few questions any of our knowledgeable agents can help suggest specific product that may best suit your needs and desires.

Discover Waterways

Discover Waterways