An Incredible Month at Aura Surf Resort

Back to back swells send perfect surf to Aura Surf Resort. Read More...

An Incredible Month at Aura Surf Resort

April was pumping! With back to back swells consuming the whole month of April there were no "lay days" to be had. The crew that was on site surfed their brains out and got a few great shots to bring home for some bragging rights. Thanks to Charlie Cullen (@charliecullenphoto) for documenting this month's swells with some awesome photography. Enough said, lets have the images do the talking... aura_moodypeak One of many empty ones running through the lineup. aura_075A4348 Bottom turn, stall, barrel, repeat... aura_075A1619-copy Deep and looking for the exit. aura_075A3727 Golden hour. aura_075A4866 Another perfect A-frame. aura_075A5014 You know it's on when the locals take a break from fishing to watch the surf. aura_075A5092 Empty and wide open. aura_075A6316 Connecting perfectly with the lip on this one. aura_075A7654-2 Nothing better than getting barreled right in front of your mate paddling out. aura_075A7839-2 A common view on the paddle back out. aura_075A4302 The main hub. aura_075A9321 Not a bad beach to hang at for the day huh? aura_075A9467 "The captain" aura_dylans Click here for more details on Aura Surf Resort and to book your trip. Content Source:

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