5 Reasons to Love Mexico

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5 Reasons to Love Mexico


1) Tacos

01_Tacos_al_Pastor Breakfast lunch or dinner. As a surfer, nothing tastes better than authentic Mexican tacos after surfing until you can't catch another wave.


2) Trunks or Bikinis

5984897927_63d64c3060_o   Okay so maybe that’s two things, but the bottom line is that both in and out of the water, Mainland Mexican beaches are warm all year long so you can leave your wetsuit at home.


3) Cerveza

8893157780_ac034d7aff_o After a long session and intense tropical sun every surfer needs ice cold local hydration. Mexico is famous for their many local brews. Pick your poison!


4) Waves

map_v2 Mainland Mexico is home to some of the most powerful beach breaks, legendary right sand points and mysto left-handers in the Western Hemisphere. When you look at the map it’s obvious why they pick up so much swell. Seriously...look at the map!!

5) Mexico is close to home

ww_waywf Sure some destinations require a connection in Mexico City but typically flights to anywhere along the Pacific Coast of Mexico are hundreds of dollars less than a flight to Fiji or Indonesia.

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