Swilly back in Pohnpei | Part 1

by | Nov 28, 2017 | Flights, Surf Travel

After a long but very comfortable flight with Air Niugini. I arrived in Pohnpei.

I have been coming here for 12 years and it feels like a second home to me these days.

After a well needed rest I was reunited with Allois Malfitani, PSC camp pioneer and his beautiful other half, Valentina.

What a start to my stay, super-fun 2 to 3 foot all day and not a surfer to be seen for miles. Nothing better than surfing with your best mate.

The next few days saw the swell drop off so it was time to explore the beautiful surroundings of Sokehs rock that overlooks the Mangrove Bay Hotel where the PSC is located .

New swell in the next few days to look forward to. The PSC is very active in looking after our
environment on the island and has arranged an Ocean clean up drive this upcoming weekend.

Watch out for the next blog from P-Pass.