Are You Suffering From the Surf Trip Bug?

by | Mar 8, 2017 | Flights

What is it about waves you’ll only find hundreds, if not thousands of miles away from home that make us all dewy-eyed? The saying tells us there’s no place like home, which suggests some romanticized connection with the place you hang your hat at the end of each day. But if you’ve been living in Southern California, for example, then home can also mean freezing water and weeks long dry spells. Chances are you’ve dreamt regularly of the next time you can escape to your next breathtaking destination with out of this world surf.

Here are 5 signs you need a damn surf trip. Like yesterday.

  1. You’re tired of winter. You’ll gladly trade in cold water for sunny days and tropical swells.
  2. Looking at the next two to three weeks worth of forecasts quickly turns to airfare searches and swell models in a different hemisphere.
  3. Your longboard game is completely on point.
  4. You’ve surfed every morning for the last week… but you still feel like you haven’t surfed at all.
  5. Videos like the following make you feel like crying

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