A Dream Trip to Namotu Island Resort Fiji

by | Jan 10, 2017 | Flights


Customer Victor Murphy was kind enough to share his experience kiteboarding in Fiji with us, and we in turn wanted to share it with you.

Murphy only had to make the trip to Namotu Island Resort in Fiji once to decide it would become an annual event. He visits the island in October to catch “shoulder season” waves. This year he went with a group of six friends and they stayed in a Bure (a Fijan word for a hut or cabin).


He highly recommended kiteboarding at the island where guests are followed by a lifeguard on a jet ski and a professional photographer can be hired to take photos of the action (for an addition cost).

The island is perfect for kiteboarders of all skill levels, though it might provide more surfing options for those with more experience, Murphy said.

“There is surf for all from beginners to advanced, but I would pin it as a more advanced spot,” Murphy said before describing the different surf spots around the island. “Cloudbreak dishes out a very fast and throaty left that is world class, Wilks is a really fun right that offers barrel after barrel if you can make it fast enough. Namotu Left is a very SUPPable left that offers a lip smacking 100 Yard smorgashborg of fun that promises to make your quads cry for it to end.”


There was tons to do at the resort besides kiteboarding as well, Murphy described the island as stand up paddle board friendly while offering “fishing, spear fishing, island hopping and scuba for additional money.”

The resort is small and exclusive with a guest limit of 30 at a time. Murphy raved about the good vibes of the island and its locals.

“The locals are super friendly and most know you by first name after a day or two,” Murphy said. “The folks you meet are incredibly interesting and I have developed many a new friendship from this trip.”

44The all-inclusive trip costs $3,800 including everything except alcohol (even the flight).

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