1. Flights

Flights on Mon-Tue-Wed are typically less expensive than what airlines deem “weekend” dates. Sometimes you can save up to $50-60 each way for a total of $100+ on your ticket price.

Flying over Ponpei Island

2. Travel With Friends

Surf trips are almost always less expensive when you share rooms, transfer fees and guide costs with friends. Plus you have someone to watch your back and take turns shooting photos of each other.


3. Skip the bar tab

Duty Free shopping is the best way to shave some cost off bar bills at your resort. Bring a bottle and keep it in your room to mix up an easy evening cocktail with local juices or soda.


4. Pack your own

Packing your own snacks saves you from paying ridiculous airport prices for food when waiting for flights in the USA. Plus snacking on some trail mix, dried fruit and energy bars are much healthier and better for your surfing than ordering an overpriced cheeseburger and fries from an overseas  airport establishment with questionable cleanliness!



5. Surfline Premium Discount

Surfline Premium Members save $70 off Land AND Air packages from WaterWays Surf Adventures.  Be sure to tell us you are a Surfline Premium Member in the comments section of your online trip inquiry.  If you are not already a member, create an account here to join Surfline Premium Membership today.

***Tavarua, Namotu, Pico Alto and Basic El Salvador packages are not included in this offer.


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