Epic Trip to South Africa

by | Jul 6, 2015 | Photos, Travel Stories

Hey Sean and Bryan, Hope you are both doing well.  Thanks again for the help with Africa. The safari experience was unreal, Cape Town was awesome as well, and J-Bay was probably the best right point I’ve surfed. See a couple of pics from my first full day there—it was firing all day!!

Got a little smaller the next few days, but still fun as hell. So many barrels and long fast rides. Loved it! And the dolphins are just ridiculous in how playful they are in the line-up—special place.  Can’t wait to go back there one day as the crowds were not nearly as bad as I anticipated for how good of a wave it was. Surfed my brains out this day. Stoked!

-  Robert D. (WaterWays’ Traveler)