Aura Surf Resort is WaterWays’ newest surf destinations and could be exactly what you are looking for when booking your next surf trip.  Built in 2010 this new resort is located on the isolated edge of 15,000 square miles of feral parkland on an island 80 miles off North Sumatra.  Aura Surf Resort has three modern bungalows and a main building containing the lounge kitchen and dining area – all built in local style with local material with western upgrades.

There are lots of places to explore, but the staple wave at Aura is “The Peak”, which is an Indonesian A-frame breaking directly in front of the camp. This is that perfect wave you doodled on your folder while daydreaming in class or at the office.

Are you looking to get away from all those crowded surf destinations and try some where new?  Away from the 21st Century hype, to a place where you have access to surf spots so new they don’t have names?  The Aura Surf Resort in North Sumatra should be your next “Go There” surf destination!