3 Ways To Beat Your Post Surf Travel Blues

by | Aug 10, 2012 | Surf Travel

We all know that returning home and back to the grind is hard after any vacation, let alone a surf trip where you score epic waves!  You need to learn to recognize your post surf travel symptoms and use the following remedies to keep you stoked until you can turn your day dreams into dream days again!

Day Dreams! 

Turn your post surf travel depression into pre-surf trip anticipation.  It may be a while until you book another dream surf trip, but there is nothing wrong about trying to look and plan your next adventure!  Sometimes the earlier you book your trip the better deal you will get and planning ahead can get you pumped up for your next journey.

Start Saving Again

It’s hard to come home from a surf trip and think about having enough money to take another one again!  Now is the time to start saving again, even if it is just a few dollars a day, it makes you feel like you are doing something tangible to get back out there in the water.  And if you really work on saving big you will be off on your next dream trip in no time.

Share Your Experiences

There is nothing better than bragging to your friends and family about the epic surf you scored during your last trip.  Spend some time putting together a video or photo gallery of your trip and have a viewing party to show off your 8 second barrel.

So what are you waiting for?  Book your next surf trip and turn your day dreams into dream days!