Peru Surf Traveler Testimonial

by | May 16, 2012 | Travel Stories

Hi Mike,

I’ve finally gotten caught up after getting back from my trip and just wanted to write and say a big thanks!  The trip was amazing!  The flights all went very smoothly and LAN was a great airline.  The Machu Picchu part of the trip was incredible.  I’m not sure how much contact you have with the tour company that handled the Machu Picchu part, but I wanted to let them know that the woman that was assigned to help me, Maria – she never told me her last name, was amazingly helpful and friendly and professional.  That company was great all around.  Meeting me at the airports and handling my luggage and getting me checked in.  And the tour of Machu Picchu as spectacular.  My stay at the Chicama was just as great.  The hotel was the perfect size for where it is, had great facilities and never seemed that crowded.  The staff was friendly, attentive, and nice and fun.  The surfing was really fun too.

All around it was a super fun trip and I’d definitely recommend it to anyone.  Thanks to you and WaterWays for another amazing trip.

-  Nick