Best Jobs for a Surfer

by | Dec 14, 2011 | News

Every surfer’s dream is to make money and be able to surf when ever there are waves! Some jobs out there allow you to focus on what’s important, surfing right? We have put together a list of some of the top jobs we feel are great careers for surfers. Some of the professions pay more than others, some allow you to surf more than others, but they all have one thing in common, surfing on a regular basis!

1. Surf Shop Employee – This is a great job if you don’t mind not making big money. This is also a great job if you are looking to get into the surf industry starting out and want to be able to call in sick to work if the surf is firing! Usually a well run surf shop closes its doors when the surf is going off so the employees can enjoy the pumping swell.

2. Firefighter – This is a solid profession for a surfer and it pays well. A typical schedule consists of 24 hours on followed by 48 hours off. Although you might not get the peak of every swell you will get to surf on a consistent basis.

3. Outside Sales Rep – This is the freedom job for anyone looking to log in some ocean hours. You are on your own schedule and traveling to businesses in order to sell your firm’s products or services. This job is only good if your sales region is on the coastline, giving you the perfect chance to explore between meetings!

4. Lifeguard – This job has unlimited access to the ocean (as long as you are not stationed at a kiddy pool) and you have the ability to score the best possible conditions mixed with the best swell. Who else sits and watches the ocean/surf all day long! You also get in great shape exercising in and out of the water physically ready for the next big swell.

5. Bartender – Scratch the early morning dawn patrols if you choose this job, but your days are wide open to get the mid-day session in before your next shift.

6. Pro Surfer – This is obviously a dream job for most surfers. Getting paid to surf, could it get any better? You get to travel around the world and score perfect surf while getting paid!

7. Pizza Delivery – This is the classic surfer job you’ve seen in the movies. Early morning and mid-day sessions are open everyday for you to score uncrowded surf. The only probably is the pay, better get a ford fiesta if you want to bank away any money for your next surf trip.

8. Surf School Instructor – Although you sometimes might not be surfing at your break of choice you still get to spend a lot of time in the water! Being a surf school instructor is a rewarding job and it is usually seasonal, allowing you to travel during the off-season.

9. Surf Photographer – If you can land a job with Surfer Magazine or the ASP Tour this can be a great gig! Always at the beach shooting the traveling pros and usually being at the right place at the right time. This job can be great if you have the will power to shoot when the surf is firing and surf when it is mediocre.

10. Golf Caddy – Every surfer likes to play golf right? Well most surfers seem to have fun playing golf in their spare time. Why not get paid to be on the golf course and get the other half of the day to surf! Maybe you will be caddying for Slater or Rob during the next celebrity golf tournament.