Gift Ideas for a Surfer

by | Dec 8, 2011 | News

When it comes to Christmas gift ideas for the surfer in your family, the list can be long. There are a lot of surf-related products that we would love to own or give, but there are a few staple items that any surfer would be more than stoked to receive. From surfboards to tide calendars, there are so many cool options and great deals out there to surprise your surfer with! Here are just a few great ideas and we have listed them from least expensive to most expensive in price (for all you bargain shoppers).

1. Bar of Surf Wax – this is a great stocking stuffer gift that smells good and is also a valuable necessity for every surfer. (Cost: $.50 – $1.00)

2. Surf Tide Calendar – this is probably one of the most cost effective and longest lasting gifts for a surfer, not to mention it is a great tool for predicting when to hit the surf. The tide calendar will be guaranteed to last a year on their dorm room wall or car garage! (Cost: $5.00 – $12.00)

3.  Surf Magazine Subscription – getting your surfer a subscription to one of the many surf magazines (Surfer Magazine) is a solid idea … the gift that keeps on giving – not just for Christmas!  (Cost: $9.99 – $99.00/ year)

4.  Surf Videos – getting a surf video can be a great gift idea and something that is easy to wrap!  If the sales person in the surf shop seems knowledgeable ask them what video they would recommend depending on what type of surfer its for. (Cost: $15.99 – $40.00)

5.  Surf Booties – this can be a great gift idea for the holiday season with the winter time in full swing and the water temperatures dropping.  Just make sure you know what their shoe size is and if they prefer the split-toe feel or not.  (Cost: $20 – $50.00)

6.  Wetsuit – this is always a solid gift idea for any surfer living in an area with cold water.  It does require some research to figure out what suit and size they usually wear before getting them a new one!  (Cost: $100 – $500)

7.  Surfboard – this is an epic Christmas gift for almost any surfer, a new “freshy” stick!  They will be so stoked when they see that new surfboard leaning up against the tree on Christmas morning!  (Cost: $300 and up)

8.  Dream Surf Trip – this is the ultimate gift, a surprise trip to a surf destination tops our list of great gift ideas for a Surfer!  Opening a card that has plane tickets and the words “Surf Trip” could put the person receiving the gift into shock!  This takes some planning and a larger bank roll, but is the ultimate gift for any surfer! (Cost: $ Priceless)