Mentawai or Maldives

by | Oct 5, 2011 | Surf Travel

Before the Mentawai, the Maldives were the chain of “M” Islands that surfers dreamed of with perfect warm crystal clear waters and uncrowded reef breaks!  These islands have inspired surfers to save their money and vacation time all year for the 24-hr plane trip and two week blasts of warm, tropical water, coral reefs and perfect, dream surf.  The Mentawai no longer need an introduction, being featured in almost every surf magazine, with many considering it to be “the world’s richest wave zone” with four main islands surrounded by coral reefs, sculpting perfect barreling rights and lefts.  Both the Mentawai and Maldives have their own unique characteristics from the surf breaks to the beautiful landscapes.


Location: Indian Ocean (100 miles west of Sumatra)

Islands: 70+ islands (4 main islands – Siberut, Sipura, North Pagai and South Pagai)

Interesting Fact: Most of the islands are covered with forest.

Surf Charters: (Bintang, Nusa Dewata, Melaleuca, Mutiara, and Huey Yachts)

Surf Resorts: Aloita and Kandui Villas

Weather and Seasons: Wet season – Oct. to March.  Dry season peaks June through August, which is also in the heart of surf season.

Famous Breaks: Lance’s Left, HT’s, Rifles, Kanduis, Macaronis and Thunders.

Level of Surfing: Intermediate – Pro

Surf Season: March/April through September/October


Location: Indian Ocean (250 miles south west of India)

Islands: Twenty-six atolls and 1,192 islets

Interesting Fact: The country with the lowest highest point in the world, at 7 ft 7 in.

Surf Charters: (Outer Atoll Charters and Inner Atoll Charters)

Surf Resorts: Chaaya Island Dhonveli Resort

Weather and Seasons: Rain and wind squalls pass through mainly June through August.  Air temps are in the 80s – 90s while the water temp is in the 80s year-around.

Famous Breaks: Chickens, Cokes, Pasta Point, Lucky Joes, Guru Lefts and Foxys.

Level of Surfing: Intermediate – Pro

Surf Season: Late February through October, with the biggest months, June, July and August.