Documenting your Surf Trip

by | Aug 23, 2011 | Surf Travel

We all like to check out photos, videos and read stories about amazing uncharted and mental surf spots our friends have scored.  By documenting your surf trip through photos, videos and editorial you can share your story and experiences with others.  Here are some ideas and tips of how to document your next surf adventure!

Create a travel blog – by creating a blog about your surf trip you can share all your information and content in one place for everyone to see.  This can also turn into a place for you to document all of your travels and adventures as you explore new places.

Take and share photos – taking photos is probably the easiest way to document your surf trip and with the sharing capabilities these days on social networks your friends and family can pretty much be apart of your surf travel experiences in real time.

Video your sessions – videoing your surf sessions is probably the most solid form of documentation when it comes to surf trips.  There is nothing better than coming home and showing your buddies the 6 second barrel you got at that secret spot with no one out.  Just upload your video on YouTube/Vimeo and email out the link or embed it in your blog for all your friends to be jealous about.  Who knows maybe your video will be the next viral sensation!

Keeping a Journal – not everyone is tech savvy and has a computer or smart phone while on a surf trip.  Keep it old school and bring along a journal to write about your adventures and where you scored epic surf!

Travel Apps – for all you tech savvy surfers, there are mobile phone applications like “Trip Journal” that can archive and organize photos and videos you’ve taken, it can even make travel blog posts for you and allows you to embed your trip map into your blog.