“Best Trip Ever” Ventana a las Olas, Nicaragua

by | Aug 23, 2011 | Travel Stories

Another satisfied WaterWays’ seasoned surf traveler and his girlfriend visited Ventana a las Olas in Nicaragua this August 2011 and had the “best trip ever”, here is his testimonial to prove it.

My vacation at Ventana a las Olas was the best trip I have ever been on. The trip started out with the unthinkable–airline lost my surf bag! Thankfully owner/guide Miles (immediately) assured me upon my pick-up from the airport that I could choose a board from his quiver and if he didn’t have what I was looking for he would get it. Was probably for the best, there was a big swell and he had the perfect board for the condition! I didn’t think about the boards again. Miles’ right-hand man Chico got them to me by the next morning. Incredible. The surf in Nica is legit. You can see a handful of breaks from the house. Miles and Mike know what breaks are working based on tides, swell, wind etc. You will get great waves. Miles gave me a quick tutorial at each spot on where the reefs were, where to line-up and any other useful info to maximize my wave-count, safety and fun. He gave my beginner surfer girlfriend tons of lessons and got her so stoked on surfing (thanks Miles!). I’ve been to Fiji, Samoa, Hawaii, Peru, etc. for surf–trust me, Nica has great waves. The scenery is stunning. I can’t tell you how many times my girlfriend and I looked at each other and said “wow.” Sunsets, coastline, jungle, mountains, all visible from every spot in the house, even your bed. We couldn’t believe that Ventana a las Olas was even more breathtaking in person than in the photos! The accommodations were incredible. We were so comfortable. Ocean views from everywhere, even the pool. Beautiful hand-crafted wood furniture. Massages. Fans and A/C if you get warm. Every meal was deluxe. Every detail was attended to. Miles and my girlfriend played duets on guitar. You feel more like a guest in a home more than anything. The entire staff is awesome. Thank you to Miles, Mike, Maribel, Chico and Yolanda for making us feel like family. Look out for Chico in the water if its 3x overhead, he is basically the Nicaraguan Laird. A great vacation for romance, the family or even the boys. A+