Airplane Etiquette

by | Aug 2, 2011 | Flights, News, Surf Travel

As reported on a survey conducted by the Lonely Planet to 5800 travelers the #1 annoyance people suffer from while flying is, other people messing with their seat and personal space.  When flying to your next surf destination we suggest that you remember these rules of etiquette during your flight.

#1.  Removing Shoes – you should only remove your shoes if your feet/socks have no odor or smell fresh as roses.

#2.  Fragrance – you should not spray or apply any fragrance or lotion that has a scent.

#3.  Armrest priority – passengers seated in the middle seat have first rights of ownership to both armrests on either side of them.

#4.  Electronics – when listening to music, watching a video or playing a video game you should have the device on mute or be utilizing headphones.

#5.  Crazy kids – you have the right to not be kicked in the back of the seat, have your hair pulled or moist objects thrown at your face during the flight.  You have the right to let the parents know that their kid is being annoying and please stop.  (Crying babies cannot be held accountable for their actions, and are therefore exempt.)

#6.  Alcohol consumption – you have the right to consume alcohol aboard the plane, but should maintain control and not be obnoxious or obscene.

#7.  Aisle Congestion – No passenger shall, in the time of landing, crazily grab their luggage and clog up the exit route before actual movement is possible or before fasten seat belt sign has been turned off.

#8.  Lighting – If you want to read while the cabin lighting is off, please utilize the overhead lighting and don’t open the window shade (especially while a movie is playing).

#9.  Aisle seat obligations – if you are seated in an aisle seat, you need to understand that you have to be willing to get up and move at anytime to allow the other passengers to exit.

#10.  Thank the crew – if you enjoyed your flight, it is a nice gesture to thank the crew and captain when exiting the plane at your destination.