4×4 Surf Destinations

by | Jul 15, 2011 | Photos, Surf Travel, Video

Are you getting sick of boat trips and sea sickness?  Are you looking to score some epic surf from dry land?  Well we might just have the remedy for you, the following surf travel destinations all allow you to explore and score surf from a 4×4 vehicle or camper van.

Costa Rica Surf Adventures (Costa Rica) Costa Rica Surf Adventures focuses on the Guanacaste region of Northern Costa Rica stretching from Nosara all the way up to Ollie’s Point, just below the Nicaraguan border.  Priding themselves on service, local surf knowledge and superior transportation by land and sea, Costa Rica Surf Adventures are run by Roberto Sibaja, a local Costa Rican surfer who has been guiding groups for over 10 years.  Explore and get to your dream surf spot in a Land Rover Defender 4×4,  there is nowhere these guides don’t know and nowhere they can’t go!

Montanita Surf Tours (Ecuador) – On the private Montanita surf tour freedom and flexibility is the key. Each day your guide will use their local knowledge and experience to take you to the best spots considering the tide, wind conditions, swell direction and may cover a range of coastline from as far south as Playas to as far north as San Mateo. Most spots are a challenge to find which keeps the crowds at a minimum. Each individual group will have their own guide/4×4 vehicle.

Turf N Surf (Ireland) – Lodging, surf tours and surf lessons if needed, the lads at Turf n Surf offer it all. The newest offering at Turf n Surf is a road trip to several locations in Ireland. The lads will pick you up at the airport or train station if you wish, and whisk you and three friends to any of the three main surfing regions: Donegal, Sligo and Clare.

Durban/Mozambique Surfari (South Africa)African Surfaris is a Durban-based outfit which combines surfaris along the KwaZulu/Natal coast and into Mozambique with traditional safaris to the inland wild game reserves.  They know this stretch of coast like the backs of their hands, and they provide a safe and efficient way to experience a stretch of coast where nature is still large and in charge.

Camper Van Rentals (Australia)- Australia has more coastline than most surfers know what to do with.  Most of the famous spots are crowded and located in the big city beach areas, but with a little exploration Australia’s empty coastline can become a surfers paradise (perfect waves and no crowds).  Rent the heavy duty Sprint 4WD surf explorer van and you will be off exploring pristine coastline scoring uncrowded surf.

Camper Van Rentals (New Zealand) – where the Misty Mountains split the westerly winds into rainclouds and offshore winds with uncrowded line-ups.  WaterWays works with Maui Rentals to offer 2 – 6 berth camper vans or 4X4 Surfari vehicles that give you the freedom to get out there and explore a coastline twice the size of California’s.  Maui Motorhomes are built tough, but comfortable.