Surf Destinations for Longboarders

by | May 4, 2011 | Surf Travel

Tavarua Island, Fiji

While Tavarua attracts some of the world’s top surfers and is primarily known for its barreling waves like Cloudbreak and Restaurants. There are some great waves on and around the island that are popular with longboarders, like the break “Swimming Pools”, not to be mistaken for the swimming pool on the island (even though the ocean temp is 85°F, basically warmer than the pool).  This wave is popular for longboarders because it has the speed, power and length of any classic line up and is located just about a mile to the northwest from Tavarua, across a channel.

Chicama, Peru

Chicama is the perfect wave you drew in your book when you daydreamed in high school math class.  The left point break of Chicama is also known to be one of the worlds longest waves, the entire point is 2.5 miles long and divided into three main sections.  As on any point break there are some sections that are faster and hollower, while other sections are slower and more mellow.  If you are a goofy footed longboarder and don’t mind surfing in a little cooler water temps, then Chicama is your never ending dream wave.

Mizata , El Salvador

The main surf spot at Mizata is The Point, a right and left breaking off a cobblestone rivermouth.  But the longest ride around and best wave for longboarding is called “Sunzal”, a super fun 300 yard right point break for beginners to advanced surfers.

Popoyo Surf Zone, Nicaragua

Nicaragua has a lot of surf potential, but a small 15 mile stretch known as the Popoyo Surf Zone is a must see surf destination. It offers year round deep water swell and over 300 days a year of all day offshore winds.  The surf is typically shoulder to head high and there is a large variety of breaks for every traveling longboarder.

Bocas Del Toro, Panama

This amazing part of Panama is only 1,000 miles from Florida and has been said to resemble the epic surf of the Mentawais or Maldives!  The three main islands offer over a dozen great surf breaks and waves for beginners to expert surfers.  Traveling to this area with a board over 7 ft can be difficult because of the smaller aircrafts that transport you here from Panama City, so let your booking agent know in advance that you will be bringing longboards.